A Quick Question About The Xbox 'Experience'

This isn't news, it isn't even necessarily an editorial opinion piece, it's more like a statement or a question: is anyone here starting to get increasingly annoyed with how long it takes an Xbox 360 to turn on?

Earlier this afternoon I posted the following on Twitter...

I initially thought it might be something to do with the fact that I'm still rocking an old model 360, or my cache needed clearing — I even reasoned that my close-to-full 20GB HDD might be the issue — but the flurry of replies from folks saying they had the precise same problem suggested otherwise. People with new 360s, people with Slims, people with all different types from different times — they all had similar issues. The Xbox 360, with the latest dashboard update, takes a pretty long time to load up and it's starting to feel a little bit ridiculous.

One of the charms of console gaming over PC gaming is the instant accessibility of it. You'd plug in a cartridge, turn on the console, and within seconds you were playing. My Xbox 360 takes longer to start up than my laptop and, call me firnickity, but I think that's a genuine issue.

Am I crazy? Does anyone here have similar issues? I tend to do most of my console gaming on my Xbox 360, but it's getting to the stage where I'd rather use my PS3, as a direct result of how long the consoles take to get going.


    I have the same problem

    Lately though admittedly I only use it for watching DVD's in the lounge room and actually assumed it may have had something to do with it's lack of access to cooling

    It is a newer xbox with the vents on the top, but the spot it is in, in the cabinet, isn't good for ventialtion

    I've found that if the console is connected to the internet, it takes much longer to boot that if it's offline... One of the downsides to a "connected experience". Still takes less time than booting up a PC and waiting for Steam\Origin to load up.

    My 360 seems to start up ok, like there's the boot screen and then the splash screen where I choose what profile to log in to. That log in process seems to take a longer than you'd expect but it's not a huge delay. I'd say assuming I log straight in and the game I want to play is already in the tray I'm probably looking at a title screen in around a minute, allowing for unskippable developer logos as the game is booting up.

    I have a 2 year old 360S, for what it's worth.

    If I unplug the wireless adapter it only takes about 15 seconds to load up. With it plugged in, almost a minute.

    Edit: rocking a fatbox.

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    Same, I've got an Elite model 360. I genuinely loathe the NXE or whatever it's called, it's just... ugh. I've recently bought a Vita and I'm amazed that both it and my often-dusty PS3 are now easier to use than my 360, what a reversal of position, the PS3 has always been a joke compared to the 360 in terms of menu. Especially after the release of Sony's new Playstation Store, which is utterly amazing compared to the joke that is the Live store, takes a billion years to find anything.

    What happened to you, 360? What happened?

    Booting up is fine, but logging into my profile now takes a while.

    But meh, I still think the worse issues are those ads, a few of the dated policies (especially updating games), and how lame the "Gold Deals" are for BUYING Xbox Gold. For example, they're reducing the prices for Megaman 9 and Megaman 10 this week by 20%, but apparently those games are FREE on PSN. It's also made worse by the fact that games lately are doing online passes, so you have to buy an online pass to use your online pass.

      Hey it's nice that they are finally offering XBLA games instead of expansion packs which they've been doing for the last couple of months.

      Yo dawg I hear you like online games?
      Well you're gonna need to buy an online pass to use your online pass so you can play the online game on the internet you buy.

    All those XBoxers who mocked the slow Wii U start up times need to check their own houses, so to speak.

    I've never been vexed by loading times on consoles, just something that you get used to. the 360 can take a bit of time to boot but seems to have increased with the latest incarnation of the dashboard.
    I honestly get more annoyed when the system hangs or takes ages to load up online services despite not having a gold account.

    If you want to avoid long boots, just set it to automatically start games (same with the PS3).

    People just need to learn a bit of patience sometimes but understandable to get annoyed when things genuinely take too long to do what they are supposed to.

      But even if you set it to autoplay you still have to wait for it to log into your profile before you can play.

        yep, always the issue with any system that relies on profiles and the like.

        Even my Vita takes up to 20 seconds to start once it gets past the log in and game data check.

        No such issue on my old DS Lite.

        We basically have to accept that the more advance our systems get and the more stuff that they put on them in the name of inclusive media, accounts and distractions, we will have to wait.
        If we had direct interface like the old SNES cartridge days, no such issue but then we wouldn't have all the shininess. :)

          My PC system is more advanced then any console to date and my guess is that its faster too. Although I do have the ability to pick and choose which inclusive media I want on it so thats probably why... its not filled with garbage. Don't get me wrong I love consoles and they have a place in my heart but painfully long loading screens with repeaded tips like "Press 'A' to jump" really irritates me.

    I have also noticed this, however it is totally worth it for SKYRIM!
    (totally disregarding the fact that it can be played with a far greater experience on the PC)
    Yep, totally worth it just for that one game!
    (if ignorance is bliss, what is self delusion?)
    (delusional bliss?)
    (self bliss? wait... that may actually be from something else)


      Self Bliss



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      I actually got a bit miffed with the loading times for Skyrim on the 360 but was told was a much longer wait on the PS3.

    When it's connected to the internet, it takes a good minute for my old arcade model to start up. It's not really acceptable. Then when it does turn on the screen is just covered in ads now anyway.

    I don't really mind long it takes to turn on, although it's getting annoying, but how many actions it requires to get to the stuff I use. The system video player is almost buried away. There's so much junk on there I don't want to see. I don't mind ads for new games, movies, etc but they make you work to get through it.
    I really wish I could choose what shows up (and more importantly in what order) on each individual tab and then use the Home tab as a sort of greatest hits page.

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    I have noticed it takes a long time to load up and let you play these days. Both with the old beigebox in the loungeroom and the new Slim in the bedroom. Not as long as it seems to take to log into Bioware's servers though. The last coupleof games I've really played on 360 have been ME3 and DAII so between the Xbox Live sign-in and dashboard load and the Bioware log-in it often took a great chunk out of my gametime.

      Far Cry 3 was pretty awful with having to authenticate with the Ubisoft servers too. I haven't played any EA games on my 360 since I stopped playing the ME3 multiplayer sometime in May 2012, but I do recall that the authentication, even for ME2, seemed to take a frickin' fortnight.

      Maybe I should ask my wife, she recently went back to get some more achievements in Dead Space 1 and 2.

    Yeah mine takes ages. I figured it was because I've got a slow internet connection and it is downloading all those lame ads. Spekaing of which, haven't I already paid for my xbox - why do i have to be slowed down by ads? They should really do something about that....

      You'd think the ads would disappear for gold subscribers, but no, we still have to endure it. :/

      I'm pretty loyal to Xbox but Microsoft really better bring up their game for the next console and the future of Live or I don't see me being a gold subscriber. I've already gotten fed up with the XBL community sucking the fun out of the online experience, so there's little motivation to be a gold subscriber for me these days.

      If it was downloading ads that was causing the problem, you'd think it could just put placeholders there until the ads downloaded. But I guess then you'd probably just start up your game/movie whatever before that happened and then you'd miss out on seeing the ads. God forbid. Or maybe it could just display cached ads from last time while it waited for the new ones to download.

    To reiterate what's been said above, connection is the issue.
    I've been playing mine offline for the last couple of months and it's a quick boot, but I'm dreading connecting again and having to wait through 20-30 minutes of downloading and installing the latest update/s.
    Once I finish my second playthrough of Burtal Legend, I'll probably stick with PC and WiiU for a while.

    My xbox wont stay turned off for some reason, if i turn it off it just starts up again so i just leave it on. Never had an issue with the boot times this way :P

    It's not so much being connected to the internet it's this new UI that is causing the slowdown. But the new UI also loves to download a half dozen offers and deals from the internet.

    I think if you search for it you can track down the add server URL and block it with your router to speed things up. I owned a C64 with tape drive I'm pretty damn patient but it's worn down quite a bit these days.

    Yeah I noticed mine was slow to get going the other day when I used it. I assumed it was busy downloading the latest ads.

    It's now a slow, ad filled noisy (I have a fat Elite) box so I tend not to use it much anymore.

    Mine varies, from slow (30 secs) to slower (50 secs) to OMFGILLJUSTUSETHEPS3 (2 min).
    Normally its about 30 - 40 seconds from press button to being at the dashboard, but every now and again I will need to select between my Xbox Live profile, the offline profile, a friends profile etc, and other times I just get a spinning white/grey circle, after which I get annoyed at and decide to use the PS3 to stream the TV show.

    Original 60gb(?) fat white xbox.

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    I agree it does take awhile to load.....but am I the only one who boots it up and walks away to grab a drink or whatever so when I'm back its ready to go?

      Not exactly walk away, but during startup of anything with a frustrating duration I generally pull out a book or something to fill the time.

    Most of the time it's a couple of minutes of sitting looking at the white spinning circle. Lots of complaints about it on Xbox.com since the last major update which seemed to really make the problem a lot worse. Apparently if you turn off smartglass and the plug and play options in network settings it's supposed to speed up... but not in my case. Last I heard they were blaming routers and network settings (at your end) - they're turning into Apple!

    Seriously, waiting a little extra time to log in ( not very much in the grand scheme of things, if you play for an hour then an extra minute at startup is less than 2% of your total game time ) causes you to get on the internet and vent about it, Patience is a virtue Mr Serrels and perhaps you could use this time to do something else like push out another boring Kotaku article to the masses.

    Anyway this is most certainly a connection issue, the Xbox has slowly added to the massive list of things it connects to and does on the internets so it is going to take longer. Try booting it up with no other devices on in the house to prevent it searching for media etc. Also i'm pretty it now waits till you are signed in before going to the homepage whereas before it didn't.

      I suppose if you havent played any games for a month you may be a little bit impatient to get going but seriously...

      I don't think the complaint is that it's slow, but that every update makes it slower.

    After signing in, I occasionally (9 out of 10 times) get the infinite spinning wheel - this does not stop (based on leaving it on for ten whole minutes). I would love it if it was only a 1 to 2 minute wait...

    If this happens, I can work around it by pressing the Xbox button on the controller, and manually starting whatever disc is in the tray (or an app from the recent/quick list). If I then want the dashboard, I press the Xbox guide button again and press "Y"; usually this time it works - but its a big hassle.

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    Mine takes ages. First I have to unpack it from the box that is up at the top of the wardrobe, then plug everything in. Getting the HDMI into the TV is always a pain. Then, you know, however long for it to switch on and log in or whatever. Then I can't even play online because I don't pay for the subscription fee. Back in the box!

    I can deal with the startup time, what bugs me is the Maximum Dashboard Resolution of 720p!

    On my 1080p monster it almost makes it look 2 generations old , especially the supposed-to-be-impressive but actually very-chunky 360 startup logo. Obviously this is limited to the dashboard and not any content (games, etc) but it's still VERY annoying in this day and age.

    What, mine launches in 5-10 seconds at the most. How is that a long time?

    I don't really use it these days, but I thought I'd fire it up to check.
    With autoplay enabled, it takes 23 - 24 seconds to the game splash screen. Tried it several times.
    80GB Elite model from 2008.

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