A Quick Question About The Xbox 'Experience'

This isn't news, it isn't even necessarily an editorial opinion piece, it's more like a statement or a question: is anyone here starting to get increasingly annoyed with how long it takes an Xbox 360 to turn on?

Earlier this afternoon I posted the following on Twitter...

I initially thought it might be something to do with the fact that I'm still rocking an old model 360, or my cache needed clearing — I even reasoned that my close-to-full 20GB HDD might be the issue — but the flurry of replies from folks saying they had the precise same problem suggested otherwise. People with new 360s, people with Slims, people with all different types from different times — they all had similar issues. The Xbox 360, with the latest dashboard update, takes a pretty long time to load up and it's starting to feel a little bit ridiculous.

One of the charms of console gaming over PC gaming is the instant accessibility of it. You'd plug in a cartridge, turn on the console, and within seconds you were playing. My Xbox 360 takes longer to start up than my laptop and, call me firnickity, but I think that's a genuine issue.

Am I crazy? Does anyone here have similar issues? I tend to do most of my console gaming on my Xbox 360, but it's getting to the stage where I'd rather use my PS3, as a direct result of how long the consoles take to get going.


    Same problem here. I have a SSD in my PC with Win 8 and I can get that working much faster than the xbox. I am starting to turn it on when i get home or during dinner rather than watching it.. sounds crazy I know for a few seconds, but i've noticed I am doing this. Like when i get into work and turn on my PC before i get a drink so I can come back and log in when its ready.. not a good sign... :(

    Agreed its so slow now and i hate the whole Next Gen/Windows Tiles UI. I much preferred the older one which gave me everything i wanted easy and quick. Because of this i have been using my xbox much less and doubt i will continue xbox live gold after my current pass is up. (Member for 5 years)

    Noticed it seemed to be getting slower over the last couple of updates... Haven't explicitly noticed a difference between times with and without the network connection, even though my internet's down atm... Something to check tonight, I suppose. I wonder if they're deliberately making the startup slow in preparation for the next gen, so we can all fawn over how "fast" the new consoles will be...

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    Mine doesn't seem to take too long to boot up. But that's because it's awesome R2D2 style one.

    Wow, I thought it was just a problem for my Xbox. It sounds weird, but I'm glad there are others having this problem.

    Yeah I stopped using my Xbox completely. Takes too long to load and all the channel of crap I don't want on my GAME console have ruined things for me.
    I always preferred my PS3 and it seems that Sony make there machine better and listen to feedback yet MS seem to want to be the Apple of the living room for all the reasons Apple can suck.

    Steam and Big Pic mode may be the game changed MS don't see coming?
    Straight into the interface, make you games the home page. Cheaper and far better lay our of the store.
    GabeN is no fool. I think he is giving us what we actually want.

    its the new dashboard the ads being downloaded also the dashboard sucks needs to go back 2 or so versions

      yeah I thought it was the streaming crap.

    Mine takes about 15 seconds from pressing on to get into auto play of a game. It's more like 30 seconds to the dashboard - which I hate! I wanted to download a demo, took me freaking forever to find it, then forever again to find where to go to play the damn thing!

    Running a pretty ancient now 20gb fat 360.

    I have a 2009 model (Jasper I think) and it takes almost 2 minutes to boot up, ridiculous, and you know its just from the bloatedness in the front end.

    I hate the new dashboard. Between that, the ads and the loading time, i've essentially fucked off my 360. Barely touch it anymore. (I hope it feels unsexy)
    When my PS3 loading time is less then half the 360s, it wins every times. Plus PS+ and just titles I want in general.. I have a Vita now too and it runs fast and smooth. Dunno what people are talking about there.
    360 need to put the dashboard back how it was, give us the features other consoles get for free (for free) and release a new firmware update to fix this loading shit. And those ADs.. it's just insulting and a step away from fucking popups..

    Next Gen, i'll be getting a PS4 for sure because fuck this

    This has been getting to me for a while now. I've basically given up on my 360, as well as any excitement for the next-gen consoles. I worry that we may get bloated, OS heavy designs for the next PS and Xbox.

    I got an old PS1 from my brother -in-law recently and I'm planning on playing nothing else all year. Just the fact that I can put in a disc and the machine thinks of nothing else than running my game is so relieving.

    honestly i'm not bothered by the launch time... i'm more annoyed by the masses of non gaming related shit that is thrown in my face these days... very over it... i have consoles for gaming... not for all the advertising and other crap... bring back the 360 blades ;)

    Oh noes, sixty seconds. When did Nazi Germany start making consoles?!

    Get a grip.

    Oh well. I guess I'll just wait until the next gen is out and a friend has bought it so I can try before I buy... except. I just KNOW the new console will come out with retailer-specific pre-order bonuses! How can I refuse?!

    Load times are a small issue. Account login time is a bigger issue. An even bigger issue is a dashboard that seems to assume I'm turning on my Xbox to watch sports and reality shows. I'm feeling increasingly marginalised by the thing.

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