A Strong Argument For A Metroid Reboot

For how old the character is, Samus' power armour is actually standing the test of time pretty well, with only a few minor modifications needing to be done over the decades.

So a redesign for the character probably isn't necessary. If it were though, artist medders has a pretty sweet idea of how it could go down, keeping the colour and basic design elements while giving everything else a more contemporary facelift.

I like.

Reboot [medders, via Copiously Geeky]


    What is this obsession with rebooting everything? Just leave it alone

      Exactly. Nintendo re-boot Zelda with every game, and it gets really annoying. Just make an epic continuing story which gamers will actually care about.

    While that artist did a nice fan art of his own interpretation, a reboot? Again?
    Metroid was one of few series that was fine the way it was THE FIRST TIME.

    Metroid was an epic side scroller that basically made you explore and figure things out for yourself. Now it's FPS on one side (Prime), Has a whining emo version of Samus (Other M) and she gave up her Bad Ass Gravity Suit for a wet suit (Fusion)
    What the fuck was wrong with it as it was?! Nothing. I still go back and play through Metroid III every year or so. Metroid Zero Mission had it right. That wasn't so much rebooting as it was bringing it in line moreso with Metroid III. They should have done a similar remake of II because II was freaking awesome. I didn't go much on Prime, but Prime III was pretty damn good but still, It doesn't feel like Metroid. And it fucked up the story completely. And Fusion was actually awesome. Just the wetsuit fused with Metroid cells was kinda shitty. The gameplay was still awesome. Samus spoke too much though. Other M.. Series killer. They really screwed the pooch on that one.

    So Series reboot? FUCK OFF!!
    Just make Metroid V a side scroller set after Fusion or remake Metroid II - The Return of Samus (also side scroller)

    Fuckers.. Stop wrecking awesome things

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      Doesn't anyone remember the days of not knowing Samus was a girl til you got to the end and had a decent result and her suit came off and you were like "Dayuum.. Really?"

        While I should be old enough to remember that, sadly I didn't play the original game til much much later. Somehow I think I knew of the character and that she was a girl by picking it up somewhere along the line, so it was already spoilt for me.

        Truth be told, my first Metroid game was Fusion. Fell in love from the moment the opening cinematic kicked off. Though during that same year I ended up borrowing the NES game off a friend at school and thought it was amazing. Friggen hard, but amazing nonetheless. Then came Prime, and as well as getting every other new release along the way also managed to track down a copy of Super Metroid and Return of Samus.

        Personally, I completely don't get the rant above. Prime was an incredible game, along with the rest of the series. To just write it off as an FPS is to do it a complete injustice, the only things it has in common with one is that you're in first person and your primary weapon happens to shoot. Corruption probably brings it a little closer, but it's still way off the beaten track of that genre. Also curious how it "fucked up the story completely", actually.

        Definitely agree that a Zero Mission-like remake of II is needed. I still hold it as the best remake of any game ever, can't think of anything that's done a better job.

        As for Other M... it's both a game that I openly hate, but still one that I always defend. It was an awesome Metroid game, to me it nearly perfectly took the 2D Metroid formula and extended it into a 3D space. As an entry in the Metroid timeline however, it's a gigantic steaming turd which completely undermines Metroid Fusion by copying its story nearly note-for-note then sitting its fat arse down beforehand in the timeline, screwing everything up. I hate it so much for that. Only game I'd recommend for a reboot.

        Also there should be more pinball games, the first one was rad. Also just remembered that Hunters existed, that one you can definitely mark down as an FPS. Admittedly the weakest as a Metroid game, but that doesn't stop it from still being an otherwise good game. Especially fun in online multiplayer too, before hackers and glitchers took hold anyway.

          "I didn't go much on Prime, but Prime III was pretty damn good but still, It doesn't feel like Metroid. And it fucked up the story completely. :

          I didn't say it was just some FPS. It just didn't feel right. It felt better when they re-released Metroid Trilogy on Wii with Prime 3 controls for all 3 games. I liked them but storyline wise, it's pretty odd and messed up the Metroid universe.

          Original Timeline
          Metroid (Zero Mission) - Samus Returns - Super Metroid - Fusion

          And apparently Prime 1 - 3 are a bunch of misplaced prequels and sequels and that's just weird to me. I still liked them. They just didn't fit in AS well. Or very well in general.

          Other M though..

          A lot of people openly hate Duke Nukem Forever. Not because it's a bad game but because they felt they were promised more. So essentially it was hyped up way far and they were presented with a mediocre game.
          This is what Other M is. Obviously not hyper for 10+ years but hyper up to be great and then you're presented with some whiney shit. DO NOT WANT!

      Are you implying Prime wasn't great nor fitting in with the originals?

        No. I said they didn't feel as much like Metroid as the side scrollers did and I stand by that. When Metroid Fusion came out it fit in VERY well with the original 3. The remake of 1 was also awesome. Prime were great games but they didn't feel as much like metroid. They did kind of butcher the time line too.

        In the end, I prefer the side scrollers, but Prime def deserves props and it is very good.

        Other M though.. YECK!

    LEAVE SAMUS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Imagine a Metroid reboot with the head-fuck ending where you find out that Samus is a man.

      All those people who fapped like crazy coming to terms.. lol

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