A Thing I Truly Hate Has Been Fixed For Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance In Australia

I am a grumpy individual so plenty of things tend to irritate me, but do you know what really grinds my gears? Retail specific DLC. You know, the kind where Space Marine 5768 gets a rockin' pair of pink sunglasses if you pre-order at EB. Or Beefcake McJuicyfruit gets a spiffy loincloth EXCLUSIVELY WHEN YOU PRE-ORDER AT JB HI-FI. Urgh.

But despite the fact that Konami US are playing billy suggers with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance — making the Grey Fox DLC exclusive to those that pre-order at Gamestop — in Australia everyone gets to partake in the DLC, regardless of where they pre-order from. Phew.

It's almost insanity, however, that this is newsworthy, but in this day and age it sorta is! For Metal Gear fans, playing as Grey Fox is a huge incentive, so I'm actually truly surprised that fact hasn't been exploited at retail — but I'm also very happy.


    Back in my day you didn't need to preorder the game from any retailer, you just had to beat the game on the hardest difficulty.

      Entering the cheat code was also a solid option.

      Nowadays you have to buy from a specific retailer or pray that the content comes out as part of a Game of the Year edition.

        Not on the earlier MGS games! In order to unlock sweet stuff like the stealth camo or the unlimited ammo bandanna, you had to play the game through multiple times. In MGS1, you got a special item if you submitted to the torture, and one if you survived. In MGS 2 (I think), you had to beat the game on extreme without getting caught and without dying. In MGS3, in order to unlock a pretty sweet camouflage you had to shoot all of the toy frogs hidden throughout the game (e.g. on the top of tall poles, on people's desks etc.). You could also unlock more stuff by not killing anyone (just shooting them with the tranq gun or avoiding them).

        Yessirree, stealth games were a lot different in my day!

          Yeah... I edited mine down for succinctness.

          This isn't a stealth game but I agree with your whole unlocks not DLC angle.

          I was speaking a little more generally than the MGS series.

    Damn I had no idea! HAVE TO pre order now.

    ...Although if I order from ozgameshop I wonder if i'll get it?

    I hate pre-ordering as a customer. It makes sense when stocks are likely to run out on the day of release, or when there is some tangible benefit like pre-loading which wouldn't really work if you hadn't already paid. However, with the exception of particularly desirable special editions, I can't remember a game ever selling out. There is next to no benefit for the consumer.

    So to try to get you to do it, they lock off some BS feature that would have been a novelty inclusion in all versions 10 years ago. Just because the worst nightmare of the marketing department is a consumer buying the game after reviews are released.

      Games do sell out. Ni no kuni will sell out (and not just the white witch edition)

        I literally can't remember the last time this happened - and in this the case of Ni No Kuni, the releases has been so poorly handled, a lot of people are getting their pre-orders either.

        Nope, games rarely ever sell out. I remember multiple times going in to an EB and asking when a game is set to be released (SC2 for example) When I asked about SC2 the guy pushed me so hard to try and pre order stating that "We're going to run out 5 minutes after we open the doors" that he actually blocked my path and tried to prevent me leaving the store. Needless to say, I went into that same EB at the end of the day after work and there were shelves and shelves full. Simiar thing happened with Diablo 3 when I went in to ask when it was being released. The guy actually begged me to pre order it, literally saying "Please"

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          Probably because pre orders are KPIs, which are used to measure the success of the store. The more people pre order, the more guaranteed purchases you have for launch day, which the lowers the number of people that may pick it up somewhere else on a whim (ala lost sales) , because they've already put money down.

          SC2's a bad example, I ran a store at the time and we regularly sold out for a day or two before we got replenished.

          the point is though, the more preorders a store gets, the more stock they get in.

      Niche games sell out all the time, but you're right that for really mainstream stuff there's very little reason to preorder a standard edition of a game.

      Actually I found Diablo 3 sold out in Brisbane,
      I bought a copy the day of release then my GF wanted to get one a week later. We had to wait 2 weeks for more stocks before we could play together. By then I was over it.

    Beefcake Mcjuicyfruit is an awesome name.

      His line of chewing gum is average at best!

        I don't want fruity beefcake in my mouth, so I couldn't tell you how it rates. (ノ・∀・)ノ

        Last edited 29/01/13 3:31 pm

    If any game has day 1 dlc or some retail specific dlc, I pirate it out of principal, if it doesnt I'll buy it.

    Its utterly amazing they still keep doing this crap.

      That's a pretty lousy principal. If you object to this sort of thing then you should just not buy it, that can send a message. If you pirate the only message anyone hears is that you wanted this for free.

        It sends the same message. Either way, they don't get his money. Not saying I approve but, in terms of sending a message through not purchasing, it's the same whether he pirates it or not.

    I've never pre-ordered a game. If there is some DLC I am missing out on, it's usually something I'm not missing anyway. Half the time it's just some weapon that I probably wouldn't have used anyway or a half-assed mission.

    Retailer exclusive DLC sucks, so this is good news!

    I won't be picking up the game at launch but this is still awesome.

    Anyone know where in Australia I can pick up the aircraft edition of Splinter Cell: Blacklist?

    Hey Mark do you have a link to a high res version of that awesome picture? I must have it for my wallpaper!

      I second this motion.

        http://static2.fjcdn.com/comments/I+am+mad+that+vocaloid+wasn+t+included+in+the+HD+_905e1e392d7f3f88d1422908a94fdfea.jpg (This is the biggest i could find)

      I don't know if such a thing exists. Doing a reverse image search, this is about as high as the resolution appears to go, unless someone knows the artist and can find it that way.

    Pffft crap like this still bugs me. As some people said above, 10 years ago, something as simple as a bloody skin would have been apart of the game from the get go. Finish it and you get the extra goodies. Now they expect us to preorder or pay for this rubbish? No thanks. Haven't preorded a game since GTA IV and never will again. Big games are printed in huge numbers, there's no need to preorder. Unless you're one of those people who absolutely must get it dead on midnight or at 9am release day....

    Remember the PS2 GTA games having endless codes? You could do all sorts of cool stuff, but NOW they make you pay for waaaay less than that. A skin, a map, a weapon....LOL. No thanks. Maybe a true expansion a few months after release, but none of these micro-bonuses thanks. Crap that is already on disc. You pay for a 128kb code to unlock the damn stuff. Yeah Capcom, I'm looking at you.

    So, get stuffed as far as I'm concerned. I'll miss out on a skin, big woop.

      Funny thing is, I did pre-order MGS1. I wanted to make sure I got a copy on my way home from school. Been a long time now since I've actually seen a major release be out of stock so the need to pre-order is gone.

    I never pre-order games (I personally don't see a reason to), but sometimes when you buy it on the day it comes out you still get the freebie stuff.

    Funny thing is that I never use the 'bonus' items because I feel like they were not how the game was intended to be played, kinda like they are cheats or cosmetic changes that draw away from the creator's original artistic vision of the game.

    I like to pre load games on steam sometimes and will pre order for them then, but it's certainly not essential. My Internet downloads and installs quicker than my cd drive anyway so I won't do it at a retailer. DLC in general is horrible though, bring back expansion packs!

    @markserrels, are you sure that all retailers in Australia have the same preorder DLC for Revengeance? As far as I can find, EB Games has an exclusive 'Green Armor Raiden' costume and steelbook case (regardless of whether you preorder the standard edition or the limited, which happens to also have a 'White Armor Raiden' costume included), JB Hifi has both the standard and limited edition (the same one EB is selling) without any preorder DLC (other than the limited edition's White Armor Raiden), and Gametraders just has the standard edition with no preorder DLC. None of them seem to be advertising Grey Fox DLC at all (which makes me sadface).

      Yeah this comes direct from the game's distributor here in Austalia. :)

        Well that's fantastic news then! I've never been more happy to be mistaken about something. Cheers for the reply, Mark. :-)

    If the content is all cosmetic then let 'em have it. I will start caring when the game changes as a result of pre-order and exclusive bonuses. Thing is though, this will never likely be the case.

    It's more like a lay-by. And I know plenty of people who treat it just like that.

    Who gives a shit about the paint job on your gun? It's the same as mine. Who gives a shit about your pink polka dotted helmet? I have a blue one. It is the same... What I wanna see is more stickers. Where's all the stickers?

    In a lot of cases that Limited Edition is sold as standard at EB. It's the Collector's Editions that sell out. And sometimes they are kinda cool, but never necessary to enjoy a game. Meanwhile EA write Limited Edition on pretty much everything they release now so I wonder when the Online Pass will become standard pre-order fare?

    As for Diablo III, there is a good reason why there's still a F-load of stock floating around. Do I need to spell it out?

    Anyway, it'll only continue as long as people lap it up. And sooooooo many do.

    Im glad they've finally announced how we'll get it. Took them long enough. I'm sick of all this retailer specific DLC bull so suffice to say, I'm relieved that this particular skin will be available everywhere for us.
    On a slightly related note, does anyone else notice some similarities between the ways publishers behave and handle things now, and the circumstances that lead to the industry collapse? Seems that these days people are less bothered by being screwed over periodically.

    wow the art work above is so epicly beautiful! the dashing strokes and colors of Frank Jaeger! I am from NZ hopefully we get to get this awesome Gray Fox skin on PSN to download too! Sooo cannot wait to finish this MGR game! Demo is awesome!

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