A Very Animated Look At Halo 4

This clip, which for whatever reason "has not been shown publicly" until now, was done by Planet Jump animation studio for the launch last year of Halo 4. Part-animated clip, part-motion comic, its got an anime style and helps explain, at least partially, why the Covenant are hanging around the game. Better than the game manages, anyway.

The short was directed by Billy Elliott, Ben Hibon, Stuart Aitken, while the art here was done by Callum Alexander Watt (characters) and Alberto Antinori (backgrounds).

You can see the video itself here, while there's a big collection of Alezander Watt and Antinori's art below.

Halo 4 Promotional Film [Planet Jump]

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or, if they're big enough, so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on them below and select "open in new tab".
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    I sware this clip is redone in game as the Infinity intro, or the first 1:30 of it any way.

      Agreed. Palmer's words in this vid were used verbatim in the Infinity intro, and the action sequences are pretty much used as shown.

      Last edited 29/01/13 9:37 pm

      It's because the Spartan Ops cutscenes were originally going to be motion comics. This is essentially episode one as it would have been minus the actual voice actors.

    why does palmer sound like a american cheerleader

    If i'm not mistaken, that's because they initially planned to make all the spartan ops videos in motion comic style, and then later decided to go with CGI. This was probably an early mockup for the opening... certainly explians why Palmer sounds so awful.

      Meant to be a reply to Alzran

    Has Luke even played the game? This scene is pretty much in the game untouched. I dunno what he means by "...helps explain, at least partially, why the Covenant are hanging around the game. Better than the game manages, anyway."

      I don't think he cares. It's obvious that this clip is pretty much a beat-by-beat storyboard of the actual in-game cutscenes to anyone who's seen it. Of course, it might just be Plunkett talking out of his butt again (like every A Song of Ice and Fire post of his.)

    I thought Jennifer Hale was bad, but she's pretty good compared to whoever that was.

      IMO it's more of a problem with the writing. If Palmer says "eggheads" once more I think I'll explode.

        Yes it is the writing. Some of the most cheesiest lines I have heard in a long time. Not her fault.

          It's strange, though, cause every scene with Halsey in is the kind of writing I'd expect in a well-written feature film. Even Palmer is somewhat bearable in the CGI cutscenes. Maybe there's different writers for the CGI episodes and the gameplay? Who knows.

    Quick question, where did the high quality images come from? The video on their website is pretty low quality and all the images are small and don't open any bigger.

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