After The Internet Drops Out, Chinese Gamer Allegedly Goes On A Deadly Rampage

While playing his favourite online game at a local internet cafe, a gamer named "Zhao" repeatedly suffered internet disconnections. According to QQ Games (via Tech in Asia), Zhao apparently got incensed and went to the home of the net cafe owner. There, things reportedly escalated. And got awful.

The net cafe owner, who was surnamed Ren, said that perhaps Zhao had downloaded a virus, which caused the spotty connection. Zhao began to hit Ren, who then grabbed a hammer to protect himself, but supposedly did not use it. Enraged, Zhao apparently got scissors and killed the net cafe owner and his wife. Reports state that Zhao then burned down their house to destroy evidence.

This horrific crime happened last December, but Zhao wasn't arrested until this month.

男子玩网游断网 杀死老板烧毁网吧泄愤 [QQ Games via Tech In Asia]

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    "The net cafe owner, who was surnamed Ren, said that perhaps Zhao had downloaded a virus" he came back from the dead to talk to the press? 0_0

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Either a mistranslation, or some weird stuff is going on here......... *gulp*

        Haha, they are trying to show that the "interwebs are bad mckay!" lol

      Maybe the article meant that Zhao said that the net cafe owner had said this, perhaps when Zhao was arrested by police.

      It translates to "from a certain source" or the more familiar term "from an anonymous source"

      ... definitely not the net cafe owner.

      I read that as 'He said this to Zhao, who then STABSTAB'. It was clearly a wrong answer.

      Yeah, I read that and thought "at least he didn't kill the owner" ... until I read that he did. I guess we have to assume that Zhao mentioned it during his interrogation by the po-po?

    Well it would certainly make murders easier to solve if the ghost of the victim turned up and pointed him out.

    I legit think the government owned news in china makes this shit up cos they want to ban video gaming.

    Brian, quite a lot of mistranslations there...
    in China a shop is also the home of the shop owner most of the time.

    On Jan 5th, Ren Qiu City procuratorate ordered the arrest of "Zhao" for man slaughter.

    6PM on a day in Dec 2012, "Zhao" went to "Ren"s internet cafe to play games. Some time after 10PM, the network suddenly disconnected, and "Zhao" asked "Ren" to check out what was the problem. "Ren" said to "Zhao", it was because of the things he downloaded had viruses, the network had disconnected. "Ren" continued to blame the fault on "Zhao", which then escalated and a fight broke out.

    After "Zhao" punched "Ren" couple of times, "Ren" went to the yard and grabbed a hammer, and started threatening "Zhao" with it. "Zhao" then grabbed a scissors and stabbed "Ren". "Ren" swung the hammer at "Zhao" but missed. "Zhao" grabbed hold of the hammer from "Zhao", and started hitting "Ren"s head until he was on the ground.

    "Ren"s wife "Liu" heard the rackets and came in, but "Zhao" hit her over the head with the hammer as soon as she came in. He then used axe, scissors, kitchen knife (those huge ones you see in asian butcher shops) and other tools to carry out man slaughter.

    After the murder, "Zhao" set the place on fire, and left the murder tools at the scene. It was not until next day 10AM when a customer going to "Ren"s internet cafe noticed the place was on fire, "Ren" and his wife "Liu" was dead.

    Last edited 30/01/13 2:14 pm

    Well, if none of the crazies can play nice it may well be time to ban the internets.

      Awh man! But I still haven't... well. Everything. Oh well. I guess we had a good run.
      *unplugs PC*

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