Alleged Screenshots Surface Of Long-Cancelled Half-Life 2 Episode

For years now, there have been rumours and reports of a now-cancelled Half-Life 2 episode called Half-Life 2: Return to Ravenholm. The project was to be a collaboration between Valve and Dishonored-makers Arkane, and would presumably take players back to the creepy, zombie-infested village of Ravenholm.

Return to Ravenholm was confirmed by Valve's Marc Laidlaw in January of last year.

The folks at ValveTime have posted what they claim to be some new unearthed prototype screenshots from the long-cancelled project. They've compiled them into the video above as well.

Seeing as how the images come from an unconfirmed (by us) source and the game apparently never got very far into development, I'd suggest taking them with a grain of salt. I've reached out to both Arkane and Valve to ask about their authenticity, and will update if I hear back. Still... absorption? Interesting.

It wouldn't be an article about Half-Life unless I closed with some sort of Half-Life 3 joke, so… no, you know what? This one time I'm not gonna do it.

New Images of Half-life 2: Episode 4 / Return to Ravenholm [ValveTime — thanks Glenn!]


    I think I have to play half-life 2 again now

    Hope Half Life 3 doesn't become the Duke Nukem forever of this generation

      Same here, but if it is to be released in the next few years I'd would think it'd be released alongside the Steam Box (multiplatform of course, no point alienating one of the largest fanbases in gaming history)

    The 'Absorption' is likely just a WIP name for the HEV's armour.

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