Amazing Xbox Support Troll Stories

Amazing Xbox Support Troll Stories

Last week I wrote about a silly Twitter exchange between Xbox support and a prankster that pretended to have an issue with an Xbox when in fact he had a PS2. Someone suggested that I look at Xbox support’s favstar, which is a service that tracks a Twitter user’s ‘favorites’ with that account. Turns out, trolling Xbox support is very much a ‘thing,’ and not just on Twitter.

The video above by YouTube user EzzentialTechh, for example, is a long convomasation conversation where a caller keeps trying to get an Xbox support to say that Kinects don’t work as well with darker skin colours. It seems that supports aren’t allowed to hang up, so this conversation gets drawn out for 20 minutes — and the troll goes from trying to ‘troubleshoot’ his Kinect from a car, to trying to seduce the support, to then pulling out a bunch of different racist caricatures. Kind of wondering if it’s fake, actually! If it is fake, it’s still ridiculous.

On Twitter, meanwhile, here are a few more amusing exchanges between Xbox support and silly folk.

(What did the original Tweet ask, I wonder?)

(Based, for those of you that don’t know.)

And if you’re wondering…


  • 20 mins for that video I could only make it about 2 mins in. I guess I’m not patient enough to sit through it.

  • trying not to be that guy, but these people are arseholes, there are people with genuine issues and they are holding up the queue because they’re bored, i don’t see the justification in doing this other than being a complete arsehole

    • I suppose in a way it’s like ringing Emergency Services just to make ridiculous claims ‘for the luls’.

      • @guybrush_threepwood @lilshiro
        It takes all of what, 15 seconds to respond to a ridiculous tweet? That’s being generous on the time. And it’s hardly emergency services. It’s not like a 15 second delay is going to cause your XBox to implode, cause a nuclear meltdown or otherwise ruin your life for all eternity

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