An Important Reminder About Tetsuya Nomura: The Man Has Mad Skills

Tetsuya Nomura wears various hats at Japanese game maker Square Enix. He designs games, he produces them, he directs them — he also designs characters! His artwork is perhaps the most influential of the Final Fantasy series. But it's sometimes easy to forget his pure artistic talent, and sometimes easier to get lost in his resume, whether that's the games he's made or is making.

The Final Fantasy 25th Ultimania art book has a good refresher, showing off some Tetsuya Nomura sketches of Final Fantasy XIII characters. The man is an artist and has talent to spare — and then some. For more sketches, have a look at (link below). Great stuff.

FF XIII Character Sketches from FF 25th Ultamania [FinalFantasyFXN]


    Zippers and belts!

      I think Lightning is the best designed FF protagonist since Cloud, and maybe before then. In fact, most of XIII's cast looked great, with the obvious exception of Afro-san.

        Ironically afro-san turned out to be probably the most genuinely likeable of the bunch.

        Too bad most of their outfits in FFXIII-2 are horrendous :P

          in ffxiii-2 tetsuya nomura were design character,but costume for example lightning armour and other costume design were designed by Isamu Kamikokuryo,the art not tetsuya nomura handle it all..character Yeul also not design by nomura..same also for lightning returns:ffxiii nomura design the character but the costume was design by the art director Isamu Kamikokuryo ....

    Those sketches look even better than the final models!

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