And You Thought Platformers Had Run Out Of New Ideas

Take a look at this video of indie platformer Oliver and Spike in action. As it starts, you're probably thinking that it looks pretty nice, a comfortable modern take on 3D jumping.

Then you hit the point where he looks like he's going to fall short of a jump, and everything changes. I know that dimension-shifting itself isn't a new thing, not even in the context of games like this, but such a complete transformation in the look and handling of the world? That's some amazing stuff right there, and such world-bending will form a big part of the game's experience.

Oliver and Spike is currently in development for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, with the potential for PC and Mac ports down the line.

Oliver and Spike [Official Site, via Pixel Prospector]


    Kind of similar to the Giana Sisiters: Twisted Dreams, but in 3D.

    This looks great.

    Can I switch to water and just swim to the end of the level?

    I guess I'm just not into platformers...

      Agreed, nice switch n'all but where is the element of the thrill in making the jumps and getting to those areas, the apprehension of a precarious position.

      I like a good platformer but this seems like it will sell 'the world' more than be a great game to play.

    Gianna Sisters just did this. The only reason this seems amazing is because you go from walking to swimming/ land to water. Cool but it's not ground breaking. It's pretty similar to the light world/dark world mechanic.

    This looks awesome, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it.

    seems too slow? I dunno something didn't look right to me

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