Anime Females Vs Real Women: Japanese Geeks Sound Off

The eternal question of whether or not otaku (geeks) like anime ladies over real ladies has apparently been answered. Or something!

Over a four-day period late last year, a Japanese tech firm used a free Senki Zessho Symphogear iOS app to poll male anime fans, asking them what kind of females they liked: 2D, 2.5D or 3D.

2D ladies refers to drawn females, while 2.5D refers to 3D computer-generated characters, figures or even voice actresses, by default somewhat, as they bring the 2D into the 3D world. And 3D females refers to, as the results pointed out, "real women".

Out of the 500 male otaku who gave valid responses, 23 per cent of those polled said they liked 2D women, while 9.6 per cent said they like 2.5D females. Nearly 66 per cent (65.8 per cent, to be exact) said they liked 3D women. Yes, that means that over 30 per cent (32.6 per cent, to be exact) did not select "real women".

Yucasee Media reports that for those who like 2D women, there were answers like, "I've never dated a real woman", "No 3D woman will be my companion", "I don't like actual humans" and "Because they don't age and get old".

Replies for those who like 2.5D women included, "They exist at the intersection of reality and fantasy", "I really like the character's voice actress" and "3D is unnecessary".

And those who like real women stated things like, "There's a difference in the feeling when liking a female in an anime and a real woman", "Together, you can experience the same things at the same time in the real world", "I liked 2D and 2.5D women, but for a partner, I like 3D" and "2D and 2.5D are the ideal and thus appealing, but emotionally, it's better to have a close physical relationship."

There were also replies like, "I like them all", "I don't really make the distinction", and "I don't really have a preference".


Online in Japan, people are, of course, making wry comments like, "Wow, 60 per cent of otaku like real women?" and "hug pillows are the best!"

Five hundred replies is quite a look, and I don't remember ever reading such a large number of otaku being polled on this topic. Some of the replies could be humour (trolling?), so don't put too much stock in these numbers. However, I do think there is an element of people feeling rejected by real women and perhaps taking refuge in a safer fantasy world. Anime characters and virtual idols cannot turn you down. They cannot hurt your feelings. For a number of geeks, that security is attractive.

「アニヲタ」に関するアンケート調査 ~ アニメヲタクについて ハピネットがリサーチ [Yucasee Media via 2ch]

Picture: コモンポスト


    Watch anime,
    Become attracted to feisty anime chicks,
    Meet a real life feisty chick,
    Marry her,
    Spend the rest of my life getting yelled at about the littlest thing.....


      It's not Anime's fault. It doesn't matter what type of chick you marry. You will spend the rest of your life getting yelled at regardless. :)

        So like...marry a dude?

        I used to date a girl that was a fair representation of, as cracked describes them, the manic pixie dreamboat girl. You know, the one from every quirky romcom and about 90% of animie?

        Long story short: Yeah don't do that.

      It's like you are intimately familiar with my life! The feist can be somewhat overrated at times. For that reason, I vote 2D ^_^

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