App Review: Konami's New Rhythm Game Has Space Unicorns

Released last week on iTunes, Beat Gather is a rhythm game that lets players use their own music library to create finger-tapping levels and share them with the world, so I am sharing a couple with you folks. Warning: my taste in music is odd.

First up we have "Space Unicorn" from Parry Gripp, Nerf Herder front man and internet music sensation. He's one of my heroes, and makes me want to grow a moustache and wear aviators. From a purely mythical horse standpoint I prefer his more recent work, "Neon Pegasus", but I figured I would start you all off with one of the classics.

Both of these levels were created using Beat Gather's auto-generation feature, which creates mildly accurate levels that almost capture the beat and tone of the music. Players can also custom build levels from scratch and share them, though accessing them is a pain. You have to have to same song in your music library, load it up into an open song slot (the game gives your one for free, the rest must be purchased with points or real cash), and then check to see if anyone has shared a custom level. So far the only song I've found one for has been Infected Mushroom's "Becoming Insane", and it was brutally accurate, so much so that I did not record it to avoid having people laugh at my failure to complete it.

There is no custom level shared for Ninja Sex Party's "Dinosaur Laser Fight", a triumph of science and random profanity.

Beat Gather's value really depends on how much time everyone puts into it. If a whole bunch of folks start creating and sharing custom songs for the free app, it could be huge. Otherwise it's a just a grand excuse to make you all listen to songs about unicorns and dinosaurs, as if one were needed.

Beat Gather

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    Is it just me or is this game not in the Australian app store?

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