App Review: Subway Surfers Should Be Super Dorky, But I Kinda Like It

App Review: Subway Surfers Should Be Super Dorky, But I Kinda Like It

Yeah, it’s a “runner” game. You control a character that’s perpetually moving forward, and all you have to do is move them left to right and sometimes roll or jump as well. And yeah, it’s a “freemium” game, something I will likely never really embrace.

But man, I’m enjoying Subway Surfers all the same.

The key is that not only is it fun to play for free (stages are generated randomly, so you never hit a “wall”), but it’s got real style, with a bubbly look that should be coming off as ridiculous but instead feels like a Nickelodeon tribute to the early ’90s.

In terms of how it plays, like say, Temple Run, you’re in command of a character constantly running away from the screen, with swipes of your device either moving them between “paths” or over/under obstacles. You can collect coins in missions to unlock items, or, of course, you can buy those items right away with real cash.

If you’ve got multiple devices or platforms, the iPad version is probably the best (especially if you’ve got a retina display), as the dedicated visuals really pop.

Subway Surfers

Genre: runner
Developer: Kiloo
Platform: iOS, Android
Price: free
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  • I play this on Samsung Galaxy S2, and it’s great. I really dislike ‘freemium’ stuff too, but I just refuse to spend money when I can unlock things in game through gameplay.

  • Ahh yes.. I saw this game on my wife’s friend’s HTC.. she had insane amounts of coins.. millions.. she clearly likes it a lot.. I have temple run 2 now.. because it was free..

  • definitely one of my favourite runners along with Ski Safari (until some of the updates made it rather crash-prone – Subway Surfers though is very stable). It also does what I think is essential which is keeping the game fresh – providing seasonal themes and bonus characters. My only gripe is the fremium costing – I’m more than happy to chip in $1-$2 for a coin doubler on a game I get a lot of playtime out of, even though I would never pay for coins themselves, but the doubler for this one was like $5! Far too much methinks!

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