Arma III Developers Finally Get To Go Home After 128 Days In Jail

Two game developers from Czech Republic-based Bohemia Interactive (Arma III), who were jailed in Greece for the past 128 days, will finally be able to go home, according to Czech media reports translated on a site dedicated to the men's release.

Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar had been facing up to 20 years in prison on charges of espionage after they were caught photographing a Greek military base. The developers had maintained that they were sightseeing and possibly scouting locations for an upcoming game.

The two had been denied bail in November, but strong lobbying for their release appears to have paid off.

The developer's release on bail for €5000 each (about $6700) allows them to return home to the Czech Republic where they will presumably be safe from Greek prosecution. The arrangement was formalized through a conversation between the prime ministers of Greece and the Czech Republic, according to this Czech media report translated by the "HelpIvanMartin" blog:

As a result of repeated dealings, today the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras informed Czech PM Petr Nečas over the telephone that the two Czech arrested by Greek police because of supposed photography of military objects on the island of Lemnos have been released. Both can now return back to the Czech Republic. PM Petr Nečas expressed appreciation for the efforts of PM Antonis Samaras and thanked him," said Petr Nečas' spokesperson Michal Schuster on Tuesday.

No word from Bohemia Interactive on this yet (we're checking in with them), but the company's Dean Hall, who is responsible for the popular DayZ mod, is jubilant:

Ivan & Martin Free on bail [Help Ivan & Martin, via Rock Paper Shotgun]


    "who were jailed in Greece for the past 218 days, "


    why do some have to point out the obvious?

      why don't these things get checked before posting? lol

      Are you referring to my post? Its simply there so the author can make the required correction. My preference would be that my post is deleted thereafter.

        We are all intelligent individuals.
        We can an speak, read and interpret english spelling and grammar.
        (* hits spell check three times before submitting post*)

    So... they've just been bailed? Or are the charges being dropped? Because reading this story it just says they've been granted bail. If they're just being bailed then nothing has really changed - they'd still have to return to Greece for trial and, potentially, further imprisonment, wouldn't they? Presumably there would be treaties in place across all these EU nations to ensure that people get extradited for that kind of thing if they don't go back voluntarily.

    Hopefully bail is just the first step towards this being quietly dropped altogether a little later.

      bailed and returned to czech where there may be no extradition treaty possibly?

        Yeah, if they return home I would imagine there is no way that CR is going to let further injustice be done. Some kind of deal may have been worked out though. Its certainly not beyond the Greek gov to use the boys as leverage in some deal. Or maybe I am just ultra cynical and Greece actually decided to do the right thing, but saved face with a bail agreement where they never expect the boys to return??

        If no extradition was possible, then they wouldn't be bailed. Presumably the negotiations between the Czech Republic and Greece have been to ensure the pair return for trial.

          not necessarily. its been done before where people are bailed then charges dropped or the matter just not pursued. sounds like this may be the case. its a way for all parties to avoid further embarassment and save face politically.

    If they used there time productively we should get a good prision mission in ARMA 3.

    128 days?That sucks, due to a miss-spent youth I have done time and 3-4 months sucks because that's about how long it takes to adjust to jail and after that it's plain sailing for a year or two until you go stir-crazy.And now they have adjust to the outside now as well.

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