At Least One Person Has Paid For University By Selling Team Fortress 2 Items

Tertiary education can be expensive — ridiculously so. Most people can't afford to go to university, and those who can sometimes end up paying the price of entry for years to come. You know what can make mad cash, enough to pay for college and then some? Selling popular Team Fortress 2 items.

A write-up on PC Gamer profiles a number of TF2 modders that have made popular items. One guy made enough that he can probably afford a Lambo and still have plenty left over. Another woman, Shaylyn Hamm decided to make TF2 items as a part of an internship at a game studio.

This is how she ended up creating the Saharan Spy pack. You might have heard of it. It has stuff like Your Eternal Reward in it, which is a fantastic knife for the Spy class. That was two years ago, and it made Shaylyn enough money to pay for higher education.

"All told," she explained to PC Gamer, "I've made enough money from everything in the past few years to set me on the path to paying off my (extremely expensive) education. And that is pretty amazing, since it's generally not something that many people with fine arts degrees are fortunate enough to say!"

Curious if any hopefuls will try to replicate her success with the specific intent of paying for college. If nothing else, it might make for an experience that translates well to a college essay!

Tales from the Steam Workshop: we talk to modelers making six figure sums [PC Gamer]


    Glad I could help her out, I got back-stabbed by one of those just this morning.

    'Tertiary education can expensive'. Lol.

    Title is a bit misleading - Valve actually sell the items, while a cut goes to the contributors. I presumed the title meant they had paid their way through Uni by trading items and selling via the market place, lol.

      No. They MADE the items, and sold them through the store.

        Read my comment again. I never said contributors didn't make the items. I said VALVE SELL THE ITEMS, which is exactly what they do through the Mann Co. store. Contributors can't add anything to the store. It has to be accepted by Valve.

        Items in the Mann Co. store are added by Valve. If your item is accepted to be added to the game (and the store), they split any proceeds the item has made from the Mann Co. store.

        Last edited 12/01/13 1:21 am

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