Atari Files For Bankruptcy Protection

The Los Angeles Times is reporting today that Atari is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which could see the retro computer game company live on.

The filing will help free the company from French parent Atari SA, formerly Infogrames. Currently, Atari owes a huge chunk of cash to a company called BlueBay Asset Management; bankruptcy protection could see the brand live on, at least for a while. If it can manage that, things could turn up: the newspaper cites a "knowledgeable person", who claims that those involved hope to develop Atari into a "modest" business based on "digital and mobile platforms". More Atari iPhone games! [LA Times via Polygon via The Verge]

Picture: Mark Ramsay

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    Seems like a bad time to be a big business in the video game industry.

    I think this just shows the state of transformation in the game industry.
    Indie's are doing so well while the big guys are suffering. It is a very interesting time indeed. Over the next few years as gaming becomes more and more mainstream (already kinda is) we will see some really great games and innovation.

      How will mainstream come up with more innovation. The cod series is "mainstream" .

        Sorry my comment was worded poorly. The mainstream wont make it better. I mean by games getting more exposure and the culture becoming mainstream this allows the indie developers to get the spotlight light and actually make money because more people are aware they exist.

    Though these guys aren't the "real" Atari anyway, they pretty much just bought the name at some point I think?

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