Aussie Nintendo eShop Updates: A Cave Full Of Love

It's been a big week for Nintendo fans, Nintendo went and blew their proverbial by announcing two new Zelda games, a new 3D Mario, new Mario Kart, a new game from the creators Xenoblade, new Yoshi title, a Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei crossover for the Wii U and more.

Not only that but the Wii U is finally getting the Virtual Console we've all been waiting for (in Autumn). That's sure to make these updates just a little better too.

You don't have to wait for a taste of the Virtual Console though, Nintendo's running a promotion in which you can pick up a different Virtual Console game for 30 cents over the coming months. First up is Balloon Fight for the NES. Even if you have it on the Wii it'll be cheaper to pickup the game than pay for the Wii U 'upgrade' version.

That's right, if you've transferred your Wii Virtual Console titles to your Wii U there will be a small fee to 'upgrade' your title to be playable in Wii U mode. That means off-TV play, Miiverse integration and save states like the 3DS Virtual Console. Don't worry, that's not available yet until the Virtual Console properly launches.

Here's the list of titles that will be 30c over the coming months:

January – Balloon Fight February – F-Zero March – Punch Out!! April – Kirby’s Adventure May – Super Metroid June – Yoshi July – Donkey Kong

And now for this week's titles. Apart from the 30c Balloon Trip the best pickup has to be The Cave from Double Fine Productions.

Wii U download software

The Cave (SEGA, Double Fine Productions, $19.99) Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth (Ubisoft, $54.95)

Wii U demo

The Cave (Double Fine Productions, free) Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (SEGA, free)

Wii U Virtual Console

Balloon Fight (Nintendo, NES, $0.30c) – For a Limited Time Only

3DS download software

Picross e2 (Jupiter Corporation, $6.50)

Well then, what say you?


    I thought the oz store was going to be charged more than three times that?

    But where's Trine 2 on the Aussie e-shop!?!?

      Agreed!! The wait is killing me!!!!

        There's a YouTube video by a guy from the Trine studio formally apologising for all the delays, and it says the new date is the 4th week of January... oh wait, that's now... -_-

    Im tempted to grab a WiiU just for punchout.

    Got a Wii U and while I like the launch line up, the recent announcement of games has scared my wallet, and to more extent my bank balance.

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