Bake Shop Drop Is Not A Game To Play If You’re Counting Calories

Bake Shop Drop Is Not A Game To Play If You’re Counting Calories

A drop-based matching game recently launched on Facebook from Broken Bulb Game Studios, Bake Shop Drop is an addictive little game that has me quite conflicted — do I play another round, or run to the store for cupcakes?

The pieces are frosted cake slices, sprinkled doughnuts, chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cupcakes. The power-ups are line-clearing bear claws and cinnamon rolls. This is a game that’s incredibly not fair to someone monitoring their caloric intake. So what if the pieces have eyes? I’ll eat their damn eyes too.

When not struggling with the compulsion to devour sentient baked goods, Bake Shop Drop is lovely bit of matching goodness. The goal is to keep the treats from reaching the top of the screen by dropping solo pieces from on high, completing groups of three or more across, up and down or diagonally. New lines of boxed goods appear every four drops, requiring matches made on or around for them to be unboxed and readied to form groups of their own. Matching large groups produces explosive and type-clearing snacks, with big moves scoring Golden Tickets used to fuel each of the game’s three powers, each usable once per round.

While not the freshest experience on Facebook, Bake Shop Drop is a well-decorated slice of workday distraction. Factor in friend-based leaderboards and it could easily be the sort of game your gaggle of Facebook groupies fight over for weekly tournament dominance, especially if the winner gets cupcakes.

Bake Shop Drop [Facebook]

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