Batman Is On A Smurf Hunt In Victoria

You simply can't make this stuff up. Police in Victoria are trying to locate three men dressed as Smurfs for information concerning an alleged assault that happened in Pascoe Vale last December. And the policeman in charge of the investigation? Senior Constable Adam West.

The full press release is astounding, and we hope it does lead to a successful investigation:

Police wish to speak to Papa Smurf and three of his compatriots following an alleged assault which occurred in Pascoe Vale on 16 December last year.
Investigators have been told that a 37-year-old Pascoe Vale man attended a convenience store at the intersection of West and Pascoe streets around 1am to buy cigarettes.
When he left the store he was approached by a man dressed as a Smurf who asked for a cigarette.
The Pascoe Vale man offered the Smurf a cigarette but the Smurf demanded that the victim light the smoke before handing it over.
The man refused and noticed that the Smurf was in the company of three other Smurfs.
They appeared to be trying to jump start a white VS Commodore and had asked for assistance from a woman in the car park.
Investigators believe that the Pascoe Vale man was then assaulted.
Police are yet to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the assault but believe that the Smurfs may be able to provide vital information in relation to the incident.

[Victoria Police News]

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    Adam West = Tomato

    Odd -- from looking at that pic, it's just occurred to me that one of the Smurfs is really clearly using a card to pay for something. Wouldn't there be a data trail right back to the Smurf in question that way based on store accounts?

      Yes, yes there would. Surely they are running it through the Bat computer as we speak.

        Ah, but if memory serves, Smurfs had magical obfuscation spells -- that's why Gargamel could never find the village. Who's to say what those spells would do to a modern IT system?


    Robin "Holy Boxing Blue Man Group, Batman!"
    Batman "Steady, Chum."

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