Beautiful Worlds Just Waiting For A Video Game Adaptation

I like Populous. I like Reprisal. I like pretty things, which means I also really like the polygonal art of Timothy J. Reynolds.

He says his style evolved from "a healthy dose of legos and cartoons" he grew up on as a kid, but I see the isometric viewpoints and 3D structure and all I can see are a bunch of perfect video games just waiting to be made.

Timothy J. Reynolds [Behance, via saveroomminibar]


    This reminds me of Little Big Adventure, if LBA 3 eventually saw the light of day it probably wouldn't be in this style but it would be great if it looked like this.

    I remember seeing these a while ago and thinking they would be perfect for a minecraft-style creation game. Because they're entirely vectors, I imagine it'd be possible (if seemingly incredibly difficult) to make it interactive and malleable.

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