Borderlands 2 Designs So Good You'll Shoot Things To Get Them

Indonesian artist Machine56, who you might have seen here once or twice before, has more game-related design goodness to share, this time with a range of Borderlands pieces.

Due to be released soon on Gearbox's store, there are designs for shirts and hoodies, as well as some tantalising ideas for masks, something the artist has done before with his personal collections. I'm not sure how many will actually be made commercially available, but it'll at least be some of them.

Man, I don't even like Borderlands 2 that much and I want some of these bad.

MAC56 X BL2 [machine56]


    Why do so many Jackets have hoods these days?
    Bloody awful.

    The Accuracy X Anarchy one and the Jakobs one please.

    These all look amazing. Do want.

    The best gaming related article title you can have after a shooting rampage that caused all sorts of reactions about violence in games is: "Shoot things to get them".

    Slight tactlessness aside, these look pretty cool. I'd love to see one based on the Vladof Sickle skin though.

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