Boy, These Nintendo Consoles Are Gorgeous

Slovenian artist Zoki64 paints old video game consoles, turning the old into things that look brand new.

Anyone can paint on a console, that's the easy part. What's so good about Zoki64's work is that he pays attention to the finish, and not just the paint, giving his consoles a gloss that makes them look like they just rolled off a factory floor.

This golden beast above is an Ocarina of Time-themed console, done for commission, but his other works on things like Genesis controllers and Super Nintendo consoles are just as impressive.

Zoki64 [DeviantArt, via Dotcore]


    I've seen this paint work around before, but dang it looks purdy. I wants one big time, mine's looking all grey and faded :'(

    Wow. Those glossy SNES controllers - me want.

    They are all stunning but that zelda n64 is just gorgeous.
    I wish i had some kind of talent.

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    Man they really do look nice.

    Man I want that N64 so bad. My experience of painted control buttons is that they feel a bit weird. I think dying buttons is the thing to do in terms of comfort and playability. Not sure I would be using these to play though. To dang prety

    Low the lime green Game Boy Advance. Loved that handheld and that colour makes it even more gorgeous.

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