Bungie Panel At GDC Hints That We Hear More About Destiny Soon

Bungie Panel At GDC Hints That We Hear More About Destiny Soon

We can expect to hear something official, and soon, about the game Bungie is building for Activision, rumoured to be a sci-fi epic titled Destiny. GameSpot reported today that the studio is scheduled to give a talk about its new game at Game Developers Conference in late March, which would indicate a more formal reveal by the publisher is coming before then.

An Activision representative said the publisher had no comment about the appearance.

The GDC panel will be led by the game’s art and design directors and will deal with the studio’s world-building techniques, GameSpot reported. The panel’s title is “Brave New World: New Bungie IP”. The event description indicates that Bungie’s next 10 years’ worth of games will be set in the universe it’s creating for Destiny.

A leak of a marketing document back in November established this world as a future Earth where humans have retreated to a single city in the face of an alien invasion. Humanity is protected by a large spacecraft, an alien ally. Destiny is suggested to be “a highly social experience” somewhat like an MMO.

Bungie discussing Destiny at GDC [GameSpot]


  • The more I hear the more I’m intrigued. If they get the mythology right then this could really make a community for itself even before the first release.

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