Bungie Replaces A Defective Disc It Didn't Manufacture For A Game It Didn't Make

The secret to good customer service is not necessarily that the customer is always right. It's in pretending he is always right. While, of course, pointing out he may, in fact, be wrong. Politely.

Here, Bungie takes one for the Halo team, despite the fact it parted ways in 2011 with the franchise it created. Reader "Timothy" received, as a gift, a borked disc of Halo 4, made by 343 Industries (that's "Three Hundred Forty-Three Industries" to you, kind sir). Still, "Timothy" took his complaint to the game's ancestral home. That above is the awesome reply.

Good gaming to you, Timothy. And do give our regards to the Master Chief. And note the third arm. It appears sometime after the first minute.

Bungie Community theatre, Act One


    Trying to be funny = not so funny. Iwata in Nintendo direct = unintentional genius.

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