Call Of Duty’s Biggest Problem? Penis Swastikas

Call Of Duty’s Biggest Problem? Penis Swastikas

Call of Duty: Black Ops II, like the last few Call of Duty games, allows players to create and personalise emblems — little icons that appear on their weapons and next to their names when they’re online.

Naturally, being mature and respectable members of society, Call of Duty players are using these emblems to draw swastikas made out of penises.

This is a problem, as Activision community manager Dan Amrich points out:

This divides COD players into two camps: The people who want to create penis swastikas and the people who do not want to see them. I hear from both of them, complaining loudly that they should be able to create whatever they want and/or these people should be banned.

Amrich goes on to criticise the Black Ops II art community — “Are you suggesting you are enhancing my game with your Nazi symbol made out of wangs? You are not. You have my guarantee on this.” — and begs them to stop drawing penis swastikas. The moderating teams at Activision and Treyarch are trying to delete/ban all of the offenders, but there’s no approval process for emblems, which makes that a complicated process.

So allow me to echo Amrich’s point. Please, folks, stop drawing penis swastikas in Call of Duty. For as much fun as I am having writing the words “penis” and “swastika” in succession, most people play Call of Duty to shoot people, not to look at Nazi symbols made out of genitalia. If you absolutely must draw penis swastikas, at least do it someplace where people won’t mind. Like Second Life.

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  • Its not just in gaming. If I see a wall of graffiti in the street, chances are high there is at least one penis in there. I just don’t get it. Why draw a penis?

      • Im shocked that there is not many uncircumsized penises around the place.

        There is definately an inbalance, i for one would like to see more foreskin on our walls!

  • Call of Duty has bigger issues than just penis swastikas. Unfortunately it is the vocal 13 year olds (and older I know) calling everyone fags etc that has ruined the series. Yes the game has been arguably the same for years but even a somewhat ordinary game can be worth playing if it has a good community behind it. But even if this was the best game in the world it also has the worst community in gaming I have had the displeasure to interact with.

    • Why doesn’t anyone realize that they can mute whoever they like in Matches and lobbies? It’s Baffling….

    • As @cilantro said I fail to understand how this is an issue. The mute option are and have been for a while ridiculously efficient. How often do people play these games by themselves? I don’t think I’ve ever played COD without being in a party and therefor this has never been an issue for me. Not sure why anyone would sit in a game, not mute these ’13 year olds’ and than complain about it afterwards. It’s hardly forced on people, if they want to listen to it that’s entirely their decision and clearly a bad one.

      • Of course you can mute people. But in my time playing the game I muted more than not. I did not even find WoW this bad, and it was pretty bad. Why should we have to join a game and within a minute or 2 cop abuse and then have to mute people? Just because you can silence them does not fix the fact that they are there at all and are the loudest.

      • What annoys me is not being able to just mute everyone in the game settings, I never want to hear people talking regardless of what they are talking about. Instead i have to mute everyone individually and then again when i change servers etc AND THEN again when new people join the game…. definitely much worse than penis nazi’s

  • Me and my clan have been reporting anyone with Swastika or Penis in their CoD symbol. While they are, of course, hilarious, they are also only created by tools who need to be reported.

    Speaking of which- obviously being in public chat is unbearable due to all the 10-13 year olds who constantly talk shit over the mic. The answer to this is the mute button or, even better, getting into a party with your friends and just talking with them. It’s honestly not that hard.

    • I absolutely agree with you, i cannot stand some of the emblems people use and it doesn’t stop at swastikas, there is so many more that annoy the crap out of me.
      One of my mates friends actually did get banned from using the emblem editor by making this exact emblem, and i was actually quite glad to hear that TA are doing something about this.

      Also i like it when people get creative with their emblems, my friend and i take up to hours perfecting our emblems usually with some pop-culture reference from gaming, brands, anime, etc. but we enjoy doing so to show that not all COD players are douchebags.

      • Your’re right about creativeness. Someone had a Voltorb from Pokemon that looked so good, i asked them how they imported it

    • Funny how all the kids play on X360 and PS3. Play on Black Ops 2 on PC, and you find only one or two people ever voice chat, which is bad if you want a good team.

  • How about a generic set of symbols for global use, then a second that only display if the person is on your friends list (or if you opt into a ‘unmoderated’ list). Not rocket science.

    • Because if theres a will theres a way, if theres anyform of creativity involved people will somehow find a way to turn it into a penis :/ But really I havnt had anywhere near as much issues with BO2 emblems as I did with the first one, neither is even an issue, the ONLY issue is boosters. Fuk em.

  • Honestly why do people give a shit? It’s not like you have to look at their emblem if you don’t like it leave the lobby.

  • I know I’m not helping the cause but I kept seeing dicks as people’s emblems so I decided to draw Vagina with a little Clitoris as mine.

    • I’m with you. I ended up creating an Andy Warhol pop art styled emblem of a woman. Yes it is pornograhic, but no dick in sight.

      Suffice to say, it got reported.

  • Swastika? You have to learn history
    Its HAKEnKRUIS! the dutch word ! of this Kind of Swastika, the real swastika is a sybol of the sun in the oldest religion in the world: hinduism, where Hitler stole aal kind of inspiration like swastika symbol ( (reversed) and Aria group in the human range!

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