Capcom’s Sad Excuse For No Resident Evil: Revelations On PS Vita

Capcom’s Sad Excuse For No Resident Evil: Revelations On PS Vita

3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations is being remade in HD, and will be coming to just about every platform under the sun in May. That means the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Curiously, the Vita is absent from the list, even though it could easily handle it. So, uh, why?

Replying to user questions on the PlayStation blog, Capcom’s Mike Lunn says “when we were developing Revelations for new platforms we really wanted to hone in on the experience you get with a large format screen, surround sound, etc. This type of setup really helps players get sucked into the horror vibe and enjoy the game to its fullest extent.”

Um… the original game was released on an SD handheld with small screens. So that dog ain’t gonna hunt. I think what Lunn obviously wants to say, but can’t, is “well, we’re not bothering because nobody will buy it”. And as I look lovingly towards my beautiful, but dust-gathering Vita, that makes me a little sad.

Resident Evil Revelations Creeps to PS3 May 21 with New Features [PlayStation, via Eurogamer]


    • It’s mainly because Sony made some stupid decisions with it; the propitiatory memory card being the biggest one. That and several other things have led to a terrible adoption rate. I haven’t even bought any Vita games for mine, just PSX and PSP games from the online store.

      • That explains maybe why it hasn’t sold, but not why the internet seems so set against it. Especially when, despite the minor issues it has, it’s by far the superior dedicated handheld hardware.

        • Being the superior dedicated handheld hardware has NEVER worked in the entirey history of everness. There comes a point where that stops being a coincidence and becomes a pattern.

          • Except for the PSP.

            Every other case, there wasn’t really even a contest to begin with.

          • How so? The DS creamed the PSP despite the PSP having superior cpus. Or do you mean that the PSP still enjoyed some minor success?

          • Guess what: being the top seller doesn’t mean every other platform isn’t successful. Sony sold 71 million PSPs worldwide.

      • That’s true I do hate the PS Vita memory card issue but that’s about it. It’s good if you have a PSN+ account so you can get free Vita games. Maybe when the new PS4 (aka Orbis) the PS Vita sales will pick up.

  • Maybe we owners should come together and get the word out to these developers and demand the games we want like this guys did with Grand theft auto five

  • It’s a shame that the Vita is doing so poorly. It’s such a great device, plenty of potential… Bit of a bummer Sony handled it so badly.

  • I just want to say that I don’t own a Vita, and I’ve never owned or been interested in the Resident Evil series.

    But it really saddens me when developers don’t act in the best interest of games as a whole. I mean I think to a certain extent, developers and gamers need to band together and act in the best interest of games. That means gamers supporting developers by buying content, and developers supporting gamers by producing new quality content.

    So come on, support your gamers. Forget about profits for a moment. What happened to just being happy that people are playing the game you made? Isn’t that what we all want? Gamers to be able to play games?

    • This is Capcom, their mission is to release their games on the opposite platform you had in mind, therefore alienating their fanbase.

    • Forget about profits for a moment.

      That’s a bit unreasonable to ask considering how much we demand of games. It’s pretty high stakes stuff. If they released a cheap port they’d probably still lose money, and then they’d have not just a financial loss but the few people who brought it (and I’d wager a chunk of people who didn’t) sitting there complaining about quality control.

      The Vita isn’t a smart handheld to develop for right now. Capcom shouldn’t have to be the one sinking money into it to turn that around. It isn’t the developers responsibility to undo Sony’s mistakes. If you want more games for the Vita yell at Sony. Get them to go to Capcom and a few other developers and say ‘ok, we’ll eat some of the development costs on your games to make it financially viable to get them onto the Vita’.

      If Capcom wanted to throw Vita owners a bone that’d be great, but you can’t fault them considering the Vita too far gone to invest in.

  • I bet the real reason is that Nintendo have some kind of handheld exclusivity arrangement with Crapcom for this, same as Monster Hunter.

  • I actually think they have a fair point tbh.. Look at what they are trying to do, they are bringing it to the consoles/PC which they only need to produce the graphics for once, then port away!

    With the vita, while its a powerful system, im sure they would have redo graphical assets to ensure it runs better, which means more time spent on it and even further money. We don’t exactly have Vita games sales list right now, so its possibly Capcom have better knowledge then we do..

    I will agree (even though I have no interest at all in the Vita) it sucks for the handhelds owners – as im sure I would want more games on it too. But Sony needs to pull their finger out and get original content for it.

    • Capcom has their MT Framework – which the game was written with – to allow them to port these games around different systems easily. Additionally if they’re making a console version they’re already making those higher-res graphical assets.

  • I love how every one has an opinion and for some reason they get shouted around as if they are well thought out or of better consideration than the companies who are determined to make money (and have investors and have a requirement to deliver to them..)

    no; the vitas’ hi res graphical reformatting is not the same as the consoles; it would be an timesink, with vastly less remuneration.
    hires art but for a five inch screen. sure they could keep font boxes from the origional Nintendo platform (a screen size similar, though for when the game was written/released the 3ds had 4″ screens, yes?)
    just saying making hi res art is a part of it, but like many pc developers discovered when also releasing on the first Xbox: different sized screens required different font sizes etc to be playable (menus, huds etc)
    for awhile we had games on pc with dumbed down menus, and designed for a big telly across the room (even though the PCs could technically run the games at twice or more the resolution)
    for capcom to spend time releasing this on vita would be a waste of $$ vs return.

    I would like to imagine there would still be profit in it, perhaps they could pass the project to some up and coming team to see if they can give it the polish and love?

    at the same time, I cannot feel for vita owners on this as the game was released as a 3ds exclusive well before the vita came out.
    I have two 3ds’ and two of the game for the coop multiplayer.
    I prefered buying into the platform for games like this and kid icarus (and the cost, second hand, was equivalent to one Sony vita)
    yes I have a vita, and superrecently got a ps3 for NiNoKuni (w game I enjoy watching my seven year old learn to read whilst playing).
    to be fair, buying a platform, based on the games you want is the biggest decision we the consumer has…
    oh and all those people who insist that Nintendo has no mature games, Sony needed for mature play; grow up!

    (when the ds first launched, years before the 3ds) it came with a metroid prime; hunters cartridge.
    showed that the touchscreen as a ‘mousing surface’ and dpad as wasd keys, the ds was like a keyboard and mouse combo and PERFECT for shooters.
    developers who don’t know the platform and state it needs a second analog stick are so lacking in imagination I wouldn’t buy software from em anyway.

    so sure I have had just about every console ever released, and I game near exclusively on handhelds (though bf3/skyrim/diablo3/guild wars 2 are reasons I fire up my ‘gaming’ laptop)

    Anyhow, vita is solid.. give it time. ‘the death’ everyone rrefers to was the high hope it would outsell nintendo (who have proved for several generations now that having cheaper total price gets them in more peoples hands and unit sales equates to software sales)
    vita flogs to death the smartphones with similar specs and wait for a few second gen titles get released (that is when we will see spit/polish).
    Dedicated platform to wring out every last ounce of juice always wins out in the end. and casual gaming market is huge, but games industry is profitable enough to support both markets.
    games are entertainment and arguably art, and often get released, rereleased, respun and upscaled for new platforms, when the money can be made)
    res evil revelations is a good enough product that it will be around for quite awhile and I am glad it is due for some other platforms more than 3ds, as more people should play the game (capcoms intent!?)
    how many people only have a vita with none of the other platforms mentioned?
    oh you want it portable? should have bought the platform it was on!
    should persona4 golden be on 3ds? sure. it should be everywhere, but games go with platforms sometimes.
    this is a good thing when they are made to make use of specific features/hardware (uncharted games on ps3 as an example)
    Feel welcomed to whinge on, but I am sorry if I am not here to listen.. no all good questions have good answers, not all expectations are realistic.
    vita owners-surely there is a resident evil game in the catalog somewhere, probably for cheap too!

  • I’m pretty sure Nintendo is paying off companies to make sure the vita hardly gets any of the games that the 3ds is getting cuz they know that if that happens then the vita sales WORLDWIDE will start to creep on 3ds and soon over shadow the weaker machine entirely

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