Catzilla Is The Greatest Thing You Can Install On Your PC Today

If you own a PC, you should probably get this.

Teased last year, Catzilla is a new benchmarking program from All Benchmark. Taking the form of an animated sequence about a giant cat blowing stuff up, it's supposed to help you test out your hardware. But really, I've spent half the morning just watching the thing, performance indicators be damned. It's so good.

It's a free download from All Benchmark's site, but if you just want to see the cat madness, you can see the four-minute test in its entirety above.


    Looks cool for a Benchmark test, music is horrible tho :P

    "you can see the four-minute test in its entirety above" in a 2:44 length video

      Its that good that it compresses all the 4 minutes of awesomness into 2:44, thats just how it rolls :P

    God I hate dubstep. Cats are cool, though.

    God i hate cats. Dubstep is cool, though.

      Great comback, but I have to disagree.
      Dubstep is terrible.
      Cat's are worse.

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