Clementine Makes This Choice For You In The Walking Dead

Many choices are timed in The Walking Dead, and you can always tell. Except for this one decision, and it happens to be the most gut-wrenching choice you have to make near the story's conclusion. Warning: major spoilers ahead.

That's when you send Clementine off and you have to decide whether or not she kills you.

According to an interview with Giant Bomb, Telltale says that if you take too long to decide, Clemetine will decide for you using what you've taught her along the way.

This is a timed choice, and if you let the timer run out and Lee says nothing, Clementine does decide for herself. If you aren't there for Clementine when she asks you what you should do, she does actually look back at everything that's happened and she'll decide if she wants to do it or not. You can force it on Clementine, but you're a big arse if you do that. I don't think I've seen a play through where someone does it. The idea makes me personally feel really horrible, but it's there, if you really wanna poke at Clementine. I don't know how many people actually did it, and even our QA guys were pretty surprised that it happened.

Beyond the coolness of that being a timed decision that might be out of your hands if you wait too long, oh man! I can't get over the fact that I did make her kill me and I may, in fact, be an arse. Is it really so rare to force Clementine to kill you? What did you guys choose?

I just kind of figured it would be worse for her to go on with her life knowing that I'm not actually 'dead.' Moreover, knowing how stuff works in the world of The Walking Dead, Clementine would have to make decisions like that — and much worse — in the future. If the point of that final interaction is to teach her stuff, that's a valuable lesson, no? You'll have to kill the ones you love.

...listen to a giant jerk try to defend her decisions. Hah. I take some solace in the idea that there are no good guys in the world of The Walking Dead.

Faces of Death, Part 5: No Time Left [Giant Bomb]


    Shocks me as well that it's basically a rare occurrence to force it on her. At the time I didn't really hesitate much because If I was Lee, I wouldn't want Clementine to see me the way that she saw her parents.

    I felt fine about it at the time, but him saying that makes me feel a bit bad about it now. HA!

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      Yeah dude, me too! I was like "Oh man, if she doesn't shoot me, I could rip my hand off and bite her face!" so I told her to shoot me square in the chops!

    I asked her to kill me. Wanted to ensure her safety and all, and I really didn't want her to see me turn. Sure, what I asked her to do was pretty darn horrible, but what she COULD have seen if I didn't would have been much worse.

    Either way, I don't think my tear ducts have ever seen so much activity.

    I told Clem to save ammo.

    I decided to let her leave me and save the bullet. I was shocked when it said at the end of the game only me and 10% of other players chose for her to walk away. What kind of weirdo wants a 9 year old girl shoot her best friend in the head? Obviously 90% of people who played it!

      I did the same, i thought i am no threat to her as i am handcuffed to the heater and she should save the bullet because she will need it later.

      I thought it's better for her to kill only when she is in danger of being killed her self.

    I made her do it, but I was kinda hoping for a montage of scenes of her and I together where she has learned how to survive thanks to what I taught her over the course of the game. I was rather disappointed, sadly - but I still enthuse enthusiastically about the title, and the comic, for that matter.

    I read that as, If you don't make a decision and let the timer run out you are thereby 'forcing' Clementine to make the decision herself, which is indeed a shitty thing to do

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