Commander Shepard, Reporting For Duty In The Real World

There's no shortage of quality Commander Shepard cosplay in the world, but this outfit by MissCordie has instantly become one of the best we've seen.

Why? It's the extra mile. A lot of Shepard cosplayers replicate the design of the uniform and leave it at that. MissCordie's here is beat up. It's missing paint in parts, it's covered in scratches and just generally looks like it's been through 100 combat missions in deep space, not a suitcase on the way to the local convention centre.

You can see more of her work at her DeviantArt page. Also, check out this cool "360-degree" view of the costume. It's like E! are live from the red carpet on... the Citadel.

MissCordie [DeviantArt, via CrackTheTrunk]


    Wow! Those are my Femshep's ME2 colours as well. Now, if only she were Asian, had her hair pulled back in a bun, and sported a Carnifex instead of an Avenger...

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    She is Commander Shephard. Fantastic cosplay.

    For my Shepards in ME2/3, I always chose neutral colours like silvery beige, light brown and metal grey as I felt they looked more realistic and "professional" for futuristic armour, rather than the bright red/blue/etc that a lot of people seems to use on their Shep.

    If ME3 multiplayer has taught me anything, it's that gamers have shocking taste in colour combinations.

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