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So ends the first week in my reign of terror over Kotaku AU. Has it been a good week for you, Kotakuers? I hope so - and if not, perhaps some good ol' fashioned internet back-patting will help. Oh yeah, and prizes. I forgot prizes.

Hi there, hi there, folks, thank you for coming tonight. What a lovely evening. Our thanks to @Chuloopa for that fine bit of entertainment just now, that was some fantastic breakdancing. But did you have to wear the kilt? And did you have to go... Traditional?

Anyway, we're moving on to the awards section of the evening, so I'll just grab my little envelope here... *ahem* Here are your nom nom nominees.

@Freeze - #35

Cheers Freeze! I'm touched.

@Doc_What - I nom Sughly for sending the Suda 51/Shadows of the Damned jacket he won a while back to ShiggyNinty when he found out Shigs was looking for one. That was a pretty awesome thing to do. \o/

Wow, nice one! Is that the sparkly one that Suda himself wore? Does it... Does it smell like him? D'ya mind if I... Actually, now's not the time. We'll talk.

@Alexpants - I'm nominating Shane and Effluvium Boy for being voices of maturity and reason in the comments sections, and #35, Cakesmith, Batgirl and Doc What, oh, and Flu again, for being great drinking buddies.

Wait, can you do that? You'd better not be taking advantage of me...

@Redartifice - @Crazyguy1990- a little late nomination, but for giving me DOTA 2! He's a nice guy, even if he is a Crazy one.

Crazy nice, some might say.

@D.C. - I'd like to nominate The Cracks. Just a really cool guy, always got something nice or encouraging to say, always enthusiastic about stuff. (Quick with the upvotes too!)

Also Alex Kidman for an excellent job last week!

Ah, upvotes, eh? Wink, wink.

@Crazyguy - I'd like to nom Chuloopa.

Wow... Have you told him that? It might change his feelings towards you.

@Spaghett - DC, for being dashingly handsome and a horrible hermit

Shane, for standing up for himself when he foolishly ventured outside of TAY

Alex Kidman, for filling in for Mark Serrels while Serrels is busy making humans, I assume he has some kind of lab

BDKIAF, just because, despite his Apple fanboy-ness

Greenius, Because he bought clothes, and seemed proud

Strange, for ungrounding DC and forcing him into the world

35 because word games are fun

One wonders what Greenius' wardrobe must've been like if simply getting a new one wins an award :P

@Powalen - @Tigerion and @NegativeZero for organising some super fun meet-ups while I was staying in Melbourne last week.

And all of the Melbourne TAYbies/Kotakuers for attending said meets! It was a lot of fun!

@Greenius - @D.C.!

BAM! A nom for you @Junglist for taking care of Kotaku while Mark is away doing Mark stuff.

Last week was pretty big as I left the house TWICE for the Kotaku Melbourne meats. I gave these people early noms last week but kudos again to @NegativeZero for organising it on Saturday and for giving me lifts, and for @Tigerion and Mrs. @Tigs for organising it on Sunday.

And thanks to my favourite robot pal, Tech Knight for giving me his 'trash'. One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Aw, shucks!

@ShiggyNinty - I'm voting for @Sughly because he gave me his sweet Dead Rising 2 Chuck Greene jacket.

Alrighty then! The polls are closed, the votes are in... And this week the award goes to: @NegativeZero and @Tigerion!!!

That's right, TWO winners! ;) I'm shakin' things up, baby! Well done on organising the Melbourne Meats, guys, it looks like everyone had a good time. Make sure you let Papa Serrels know what your preferred platforms are and such, so when he's looking through his Smaug-like pile of gaming treasure, he picks something you'll love.

Thanks for all the nominations, guys :)

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Although for next week, I have no idea how Junglist wants to receive entries, so for now, perhaps send nominations directly to Mark at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from his massive box of stuff.*

Mark's Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Well done Neg, Tigerion AND Tigs :P

    *straight face*

    Congrats to the winners! You guys? All kinds of awesome! Also, nicely done to the nominees as well. (Thanks @spaghett and @greenius too! :D)

      You know the upvote fairy is at it again when all comments but his own have upvotes ;) (don't worry I'll fix that <3)

    Congratulationsssss! Thanks for the noms gais, I'm just happy it's found a loving home ^_^

    Grats! :P

    @junglist - Tigs is Tigerion so technically we only have two winners :D. Guess you didn't mix it up after all.

      You've just made @junglist's enemies list!

        He's made mine ever since this!


      Also my wardrobe lacks green clothes and people get sad/angry when I don't wear green :P (hence why I bought green clothes and seemed 'proud')

      Oh, silly mistake! Have fixed :) Haha

        I think it was actually greenius fault in that he also nommed MrsTigs but put the @ in the middle of the name. So the 3rd winner was actually Mrs Tigs ;)

          I didn't. @Junglist added the @'s for some reason :P

    Man, I like Dr. Mcninja.

    Also gj to the winners and all that.

    But man, Dr. Mcninja is great.

    All I did was hassle and browbeat people into coming by abusing the notifications system on TAY, I think Tigs and Tigerion should both win because both of them simultaneously opened their house.

      You gave me lifts? :D (I'm pretty powerful and influential around these parts*)

    I forgot to nom1 Again! ;_;

    Eek! I've been out all day and didn't get my email sent before I left. But @powalen to the rescue! My noms were exactly the same as his. :D

    Congrats, guys. Thanks for helping make Melbourne special for us out-of-towners.

      It was a pleasure, sorry you couldn't make the 2nd on but very glad I was able to meet you on the first meat. Even if you didn't like our dumplings ;)

        Oh man...the dumpling place I ended up at was incredibly good. Its bathrooms weren't scaretale-worthy though so that's a negative I guess. :P

    Thanks guys, but don't feel bad. You are all almost as awesome as Negative zero and I

    Argh! I got confused with the jacked! :/


      Nah, pretty sure Shiggy was the one who was confused, right? ;)

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