Community Review: Anarchy Reigns

It's time for the community to put judgement on Anarchy Reigns, a beat-em-up from the accomplished, yet underrated, Platinum Games. Yet from what I've seen of promotional material so far, the term "beat-em-up" might be selling this game short. Am I wrong?

Anarchy Reigns hasn't been out for very long - but given its nature, I suspect those who were going to buy it have already done so. Reason being, it hasn't had the biggest marketing push, and by itself, it might not be all that appealing. In fact, as the above description notes, for those not specifically watching the game, it's not even clear what it is. The ones who will really be excited for this game are the ones who know what Platinum Games are capable of.

And there's far too few of those people around. If you haven't played the likes of Mad World, Bayonetta, or Vanquish, you're missing out. We should throw God Hand in there too, since a lot of the Platinum talent was behind that. The studio makes a variety of games - from slow-paced brawlers, to action combo-killers, to third-person cover shooters. Now, with Anarchy Reigns, it's a brawler/fighter.

But Platinum switches its Directors according to their experience. Bayonetta was headed by Hideki Kamiya, the Director on the first Devil May Cry. Vanquish was headed by Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil. These guys know what they're doing, and every game they bring out is made richer by incredible enemy design, epic boss fights, and deep combat.

Directing Anarchy Reigns is Masaki Yamanaka, of whom there's less information available, though he's worked in an artistic capacity on many of the titles mentioned above.

It's this pedigree that gets me excited for Anarchy Reigns. While the trailers and ads haven't really grabbed me that much, I know what they're capable of. But as fate would have it, I haven't had a chance to actually play it yet.

So it's up to you, Kotaku. Is Jack from Mad World slicing everyone up with his double chainsaw as great as it sounds? How fun are his enemies to control? What's the fighting system like? Will it accommodate the DLC-bound Bayonetta very well?


    Hasn't been out for long? It came out in Japan 6 months ago.

    It's interesting to note that EDGE put out a list of their top 50 developers and put Platinum 4th behind Nintendo EAD. I don't have anything to contribute specifically about this game, but it's great to see them get some well deserved recognition. If you're counting God Hand then I'm counting Okami, which I give the title of "Best Game Ever".

    I'll admit I haven't even heard of this game before, but thanks to this I'm about to do a bit of research.

    As Neo Kaiser is fully aware, Two best Friends did a brawl video of this, and It sent me straight to the shops to pick up a copy.
    Its also cheap, like $50 cheap.
    Two best friends Brawl link -

    Game is rad! It kills me that it's so difficult to find anyone playing.

    Did anyone else pre-order this at Zavvi?

    Had it on pre-order since early November but what I found weird was that my order changed to "despatched" on December 21st... the game didn't come out until January 10th in the UK so I believe it might've been an error...

    If it wasn't then I still haven't received my copy :'(. Kind of had some regrets about buying the game but fuck it! Budget title, made by one of my favourite studios with big names behind it. I WANTIE

    Oh hey I forgot about this. Vaguely interested, but don't really know much about it. Is it mainly an online multiplayer thing, or is there single player and/or local MP to it too? I don't have online, so I'm kinda hoping it's not useless to me :P

    I hate it! Returning it for DMC tomorrow. Platinum hath let me down. I gave it 5 hours but it never became fun :(

      Play online and suplex a chopper onto someones face.

    Still waiting for my copy from Zavvi. I shouldn't complain for ~$25 but I want it nooooooooow!

      When did yours ship out?

        Dec 23 ;)

          Mine said Dec 21st and I haven't got mine either :O. I sent them an email a few days ago because I thought it might've been an error since the game wasn't released until January 10th and generally pre-orders don't ship out until a few days before.

          Seems less likely to be an error now though since you had the same sort of thing but it usually doesn't take this long :O

    i got this from japan 6 months ago, did not regret a thing, it's one of the most hype games ever


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