Crazy Russians Show Mirror's Edge Is A Terrifying Thing In Real Life

All that first-person climbing and running and rolling is awesome in Mirror's Edge, but Mirror's Edge is a video game. Seeing grown men do much the same thing on a skyscraper in Russia is as amazing as it is gut-wrenching.

This is the first episode of Show Yourself, a series "about street underground culture, travels, adventures and really dangerous extreme sports!" The exclamation mark is theirs, but in this case, it's completely warranted.

The opening seconds give you an idea of what's in store, and while there's a bit too much interview, it's worth it for the footage of these lunatics working their way up a building they're not supposed to be climbing.

In addition to the video, there are some incredible photos here.

Show Yourself (Episode 1) - How to illegally climb up on the highest construction crane in Europe [Show Yourself, via Laughing Squid]


    For someone like me who isn't great with heights, that footage is scary!

    This has zero relevance to Mirror's Edge.

      First-person view of parkour?

        It's not parkour - it's essentially just some guys climbing - first stairs, then a crane. They're not running, leaping, tumbling or any of the actual mechanics from Mirror's Edge that would help the title of this article make sense. Yes, it's first person - but that's where it ends for me.

        Taking nothing away from the video (it's quite insane) - my issue is with the article/headline itself. It goes to Saint's point below - yet another click-grabbing headline from Kotaku that is just reblogged from elsewhere, but with a flimsy game reference tied in to validate its presence here.

        This is NOT Mirror's Edge in real life. I clicked hoping to see some actual Mirror's Edge style action. As I'm sure did most people. It bugs me. A lot.

          There's a little at the start, and the jumping from the crane stuff is a prominently highlighted part of Mirror's Edge, but I get what you mean.

          Yeah, it's just a couple of dudes Base-Jumping!

      some people are replicating one of the core mechanics of mirror's edge in real life, and its not relevant to the game?

      its not related to the game, no. because as far as I can tell (no speakers at work), there isnt any mention of it. But still....

        I'm willing to give Kotaku a bit of leeway on relevancy if they're going to show us a video this awesome,

    Man i wish i worked for this website, it seems so easy. Simply look at, wait a month. Reblog their stuff with a little bit of an article.

      You forgot Reddit, 9gag and Joystiq.

      But otherwise, yeah that seems fairly accurate (for some of the "journalists" anyway).

      Oh and then there is always create a sexism/harrassment issue where there is none to flamebait the clicks! Right Patricia?

        I don't know if you guys realise, but following Kotaku isn't mandatory.

          I actually don't generally follow Kotaku i follow Lifehacker and Gizmodo but they all do the same thing. It isn't always don't but when it is it really annoys me. The one that really got me was a post about using music to control muscles, except the author of the article got it around the wrong way, which to me really showed that they didn't watch the video because it the first two minutes it explains what goes on.

          That's like saying "Foxtel has added some new shows I don't like, better get them to uninstall my whole service".

          I like Kotaku, particularly Serrels stuff, and find them generally to be a pretty good source on gaming news and opinion. That doesn't mean I automatically agree with everything they post (or re-post) and neither does it mean that I can't say quality seems to have gone down over the last few months.

          These are whats called "opinions" and I choose to exercise them as I want. Problem?

            I don't have that much of a problem with your particular comment, but it just seems like every second article has a bunch of people complaining about the poor journalism or blog-like nature of the posts. Kotaku AU are obviously well aware of the issue by now, and Kotaku US either don't care or don't read the comments. If you're actually aiming to make a difference, you'd be better off emailing them directly or organising a petition. Otherwise these sort of things are just clogging up the comment threads. You have the right to your opinion, as do I. And my opinion is that you might as well stop whining or just leave :p

            Personally I don't care if things are reposts from other sources. I don't check every site on the internet, so as long as something is funny or interesting I don't mind. Kotaku is not a 100% serious gaming essay factory. Some stuff is going to have tenuous links to gaming, or be silly, abrupt and fun. I thought that was the point.

              No offense but it seems like your wall of text unrelated to the article complaining about me complaining about the article is just as much of an eyesore as my original complaint.

              More so even, since it's created 3-4 other posts unrelated to content as a result.

    Were they going to try jump off the crane? Then they failed! Also, nothing to do with Mirror's Edge.

    I got to admire these guys have balls to climb at such height. The ice on the crane railings looks slippery. Instant death if they do slip.

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