Crusader Kings II Has The Best Patch Notes

Crusader Kings II Has The Best Patch Notes

You may have noticed. I like Crusader Kings II. I like it a lot. But I like it for all kinds of reasons, many of which I didn’t get space, or time, to dwell on last year.

Like the way that, very quietly, the game has been continually and fundamentally updated by the development team since its release almost a year ago. Sure, there’s been paid DLC expansion packs, but even for the regular user who just bought the game and nothing else, there have been so many tweaks, changes and additions to the core experience that update notes, traditionally something to worry about with PC games, are with Crusader Kings II something to look forward to.

Take, for example, the latest notes, updating the game to v1.09 (in preparation for a new paid DLC pack). Yes, there are bug fixes, but there are also things like this:

If married, women now fool their husbands about the parentage of children born from the bastard birth event

Louis d’Evreux now has the correct mother

Tweaked deathdate of Mubashir, Duke of Mallorca, and made him eunuch

There is now a small chance that the Golden Horde will convert to Nestorianism

Fixed error in polygamy event

So good. So, so good. The best part is that, as hilarious as they are in isolation, in the context of the game they make complete sense.

Crusader Kings II Updates Released [Steam]


    • I think I sunk at least 10 hours in Europa Universalis to get the basics – once you get the basics of the game however, the other games by paradox become easier (something ~5 hours)

      If you’re struggling, there are tons of great videos on youtube for all of hte paradox games that are a sort of Let’s Play/Tutorial that can teach the basics.

      Once you’ve got the basics, the best way to learn the more advanced stuff is to play the game though.

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