Cut The Rope Has A Steam Box, And It’s Free

Cut The Rope Has A Steam Box, And It’s Free

Not even the candy-craving critter Om Nom can resist the allure of steam-powered technology. Today’s free Steam Box update for the Android and iOS versions of ZeptoLab’s popular physics puzzler may not offer popular PC games via Valve’s online service, but it does deliver 25 new levels featuring the awesome power of super-heated water.

Considering this week’s big PC gaming news, one would almost think this was a calculated move on the part of ZeptoLab. That’s silly, of course — no developer responsible for something as harmless and adorable as Om Nom could possibly be that conniving.

In the 25 new levels, players must tap the valves to change the steam cloud pressure using three different modes, and then use the steam to navigate candy into Om Nom’s mouth.

For those of you yet to partake, Cut the Rope is available for iOS and Android for $.99. That includes the Steam Box. If only Valve’s upcoming hardware could be so cheap.


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