Damn, The New Sim City Looks Gorgeous In High Speed

Watching a city buzz at night time is awesome — all the cars, all the lights. It's hard not to feel awe. It's even better if you're watching a city's downtown though. Things seem to move at a different speed.

Here is a video of a downtown in the upcoming Sim City; it's buzzing at 'cheetah' speed. Boy is it beautiful.

Cheetah speed [oceanquigley]


    Holy frik - that looks AMAZING!

    Looks great. Shame about EA.

      Indeed.. oh, indeed..

      You know my motto is always to boycott to the point where I crumble under the weight of a really awesome title. So far I have avoided buying decent games by EA.. but this new SimCity might be the one game in the current generation that crumbles my resolve... will just have to see if the hype lives up to the reality.

    Behold the power of always-on DRM.

      good thing we have always-on internet now-days.

        Then you just have to hope their servers are online when you want to play.

          in hindsight, my smarmy comment seems completely ignorant.

        I have no internet on my train to and from work. This was going to be my train game on my laptop but EA ensured I wouldn't be able to do that.

    Call me picky, but all the buildings look empty. Now if you saw people in the buildings ... offices homes and so on, that would be so much cooler.

    EA is not as bad as everyone makes em out to be.... theve been around for a long time now

    got my beta key!

    online or wouldnt have it yey for persistant saves!

    I hope there's a long exposure option or something for screenshots.

    cities and complex intersections would look pretty sweet with the long tails of light from the cars.

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