Dark Knight Returns Cartoon Reminds Us Of Batman's Stance On Guns

As this clip from the second part of the animated adaptation of Frank Miller's classic graphic novel shows, Batman's position on gun control has always been clear. Bruce Wayne thinks that nobody should have them.

Given the trauma that lay in his past, you can't really blame the guy. As good as this scene is, the moments I'm waiting for in this upcoming movie are Batman's final showdown with the Joker and the iconic fight against Superman. We'll all get to see those when The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 comes out on January 29.


    Well there you have it - if the NRA don't listen to Batman, they're not gonna listen to anyone.

    Hey remember all those times batman uses guns or things more powerful than guns or has his vehicles loaded with guns or works with other heroes that use guns.

    Batmans stance on guns isn't that nobody should have them the wrong people shouldn't have them and he doesn't need to use guns to do what he does.

      He may use guns, but he never uses guns ON people. Don't quote the 1930s comics on me either, we haven't been in that continuiity since 1940 either ;)

      I remember. In the graphic novel / collected comic edition of "The Dark Knight Returns", Batman uses a lot of guns typically loaded with rubber bullets and grapple lines (not to mention a tank, and helicopter gunship)- but there's also a scene where he's compelled to shoot a female gang member because he believed she'd shoot the child she was holding hostage.

    Only later to use missiles and kryptonite Superman on Gotham Streets no less.

      on Superman and the US Army*

    Seen it and Part 2 was awesome! Really kicks it up a notch in comparison to the 1st although the showdown between Batman & Superman was more compelling than the Joker imo. Maybe because Mark Hamill wasn't doing it this time

    Overall an easy recommendation for Batman fans

    I think it's official. Kotaku is no longer a gaming/anime blog anymore. They're now a left-wing liberal political blog. All the recent articles about LGBT issues, bullying, gun control, soapbox articles (Dead Island Torso is BAD, mmkay) etc kind of proves the point.

    Want gaming NEWS, not politics or writers on their high horses.

      Oh piss off with your bullshit political agenda. Seriously, I doubt you'd be able to tell us of the top of your head what 'liberal' means. Without going to wikipedia anyhow ;)

      Last edited 16/01/13 9:08 pm

      Oh you poor baby!

    From what iv seen of Issue 19? of Batman, the cover depicts bruce wayne holding someone at gun point. That will be a milestone issue worth picking up.

    And along this tangent, the NRA releases an ad calling Obama a hypocrite for having armed guards on his kids (I wonder why the hell why they'd need just that little extra security...) and at the same time releasing a game with guns for kids as young as 4, while at the same time calling vidya gaemz a source of gun violence.

    Clearly, clearly, Einstein is still right about the universe and human stupidity. I don't think anything can be as vast as the pool of human stupid.

    Anyone else think that voice acting i terrible? Sounds more like Bane

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