DayZ Creator: ‘I Am Angry About The War Z’

DayZ Creator: ‘I Am Angry About The War Z’

DayZ creator Dean Hall says he’s pissed about The War Z, the controversial zombie game that seems to rip off everything about DayZ, from theme to title.

Writing on Reddit yesterday, Hall said the accused clone “hasn’t made [his] life very pleasant”:

I am angry about the WarZ. I’m very angry. I’m quite hurt personally because anyone can see how similar the words are, and while the average gamer knows the difference individual people don’t. I’ve had family members/close friends mistake the difference and confront me about what they believed was unethical behaviour they thought I was making. I really don’t think anyone can understand just quite how exasperated that can make you feel when you’ve gambled everything on something, put your whole self and reputation on the line. So it hasn’t made my life very pleasant and I disagree entirely with the conduct and how consumers have been treated.

I think the word “scam” is such a loaded word that isn’t really relevant in the discussion, much like the word “terrorist” is a very loaded word and very much dependent on point of view.

Hall recently announced that the standalone version of DayZ would go into closed testing soon.

Rocket AMA [Reddit via CVG]


  • I was actually wondering where the DayZ standalone was, since it was supposed come out in December. I wondered if they were deliberately delaying it so as not to have to deal with possible WarZ fallout.

    • Pretty sure it’s because of the two ARMA dudes who were in prison in Greece.
      One of them was one of the main mappers I’m sure.

      Now that they’re out, hopefully the standalone is finished up pretty soon.

      • I didn’t think they were also working on DayZ, just ARMA3.

        That’s a damn good reason for the game being late though.

          • Yep, you’re right… Ivan Buchta is the lead architect of the revised (and original) Chernarus map for DayZ.

      • Not sure that they will jump right back into work , 18 months in prison I think a little family time will be needed.

      • To wit, “the continued imprisonment of [Ivan Buchta] and Martin Pezlar has a significant impact on our ability to redevelop Chernarus.”
        (this was released on the development blog about a week before they were freed on bail).

    • The main reason for the delay is that they’ve decided to essentially redo the game properly from the ground up rather than just repackaging the mod. They’re still piecing together the “new” engine from existing bits and pieces of Arma engines, so it will probably still look very similar to the mod when it is first released, but under the hood it will be quite different and will allow for further changes down the line. I think the first thing they are focusing on is redoing the inventory and network stuff.

      Also there’s no firm release date, but I believe Rocket said on reddit that he’s hoping it will be out before April.

  • If you haven’t yet tried DayZ in some way/shape/form you simply must, even more so now. It’s unvarnished and unwieldy but there’s much that will be lost from that experience as the standalone grows closer.

    • Standalone will definitely be a different beast, but the mod will continue to be developed by the community even after standalone is launched, so I think there’ll be interesting divergent development between the two…

      Definitely agree with you though about it being a ‘must play’. The open-ended nature of the experience makes for so many amazing interactions between players, whether they be hostile or friendly.

    • hey man i wish i could!. had some buddies who went and played it religiously heard good things, only dreamed of such a epic 1st/3rd person shooter.

  • There can be only one winner and DayZ, in the end will be that winner.. but yes.. it must be awfully difficult for the creator right now.

    I started to play DayZ not long ago and I was initially not too fussed about it.. but I kept coming back more and more.. learning how to play.. learning more what to avoid doing and going mainly.. but slowly the game has grown on me.. I hope the standalone will not ruin it.

  • I can understand how it must feel for those utter scumbags behind Warz to ripoff Dayz. Especiallyputting tha microtransaction and paid respawn garbage in. But the best thing the Dayz guys can do is release an awesome Dayz standalone. So wish they would get on with it.

  • I feel for the guy, you can totally understand why he’s so pissed off, not only did they rip him off, but they released a flawed, shoddy product with massive cash grabs. And he’s copping the flak from somebody else’s mistake.

    • Easiest way to distance himself and his IP from this would to be to rename the game. It’s pretty drastic, but at least it cuts a lot of the stigma due to idiots who can’t tell the difference.

      • WarZ has been ordered (or something along those lines) to change the name of the game because it’s too close to the name of that new Bradd Pitt movie “World War Z”

  • i was a huge fan of dayZ, then I noticed warZ was out so I downloaded it, mistakingly thinking it was the final release of dayZ.

    It’s not as good, only good thing about it is it’s easy to find servers (with dayZ it was next to impossible to find an AU server with a decent ping).

  • I like how you left out the bit he said about the games media’s initial reporting on The WarZ before it was released. The way it was presented sounded like it was a completely different non-scammy game, despite the title. And then that changed once it was released. I would have liked to see some of those questions about it brought up a little earlier on.

  • after following deans blogs and public announcements, he kinda seems like a total bitch, i’m tired of only hear his opinion, i want to know more about the other staff working on the project

  • There are only two positives I’ll give to War Z. One, the environments are nice to stroll around in, but since I’m a sucker for good looking environments, this doesn’t really count (especially when compared to something like Skyrim!). Secondly, despite being a long time fan of the ARMA series, there was always something about the controls that felt a little off to me. It didn’t have that crisp, clean feel that a lot of FPS games have and it was always in the back of my mind when playing ARMA II or any related mods. War Z has a simplified (austere compared to ARMA II) control system similar in many respects to other FPS, which means an easy transitioning to it, but that also makes it easier for CoD playing dudebro douchebags to hop in and start running and gunning, killing whatever semblance of atmosphere the game possibly had.

    That said, I have a pretty low opinion of both. War Z is a pile of shit from a dodgy Russian guy trying to make money hand over fist with little regard for his customers and the Bandit culture in Day Z has just exploded to the point where, in some servers, despite your best efforts, you’re surrounded by so many a$$holes, you might as well be playing CoD. I dunno, maybe I just haven’t found decent players. If Day Z’s released as the survival sim, albeit, with zombies, as was originally intended, rather than the loot-pillage-repeat fest it’s become, then I’ll stay interested.

    For me, the only ‘Zombie’ game to get it right, despite being a linear action shooter, is the Left 4 Dead series. From the infected, to the team play mechanics, to the atmosphere, they were bang on from the word go and the bastard culture barely gets a look in since, if you act like a tool, you’ll either be punished by the game, or the other players will, as the title goes, leave you for dead, if they don’t kick you first.

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