DayZ Stalker Psycho: I'M GONNA WEAR YOUR HAIR!

The first one of these videos went up the other day. This is the third, in the continuing saga of a dude who is being stalked by a psycho in DayZ.

All I ask is that you give it about 40 seconds. Once you hit talk of balls being eaten, you're in psycho town, and can put your feet up and enjoy the ride.

DayZ Psychopath - Part 3 [NormalDifficulty]


    So very very funny! After watching this I went back to the first 2. Absolute comedy gold. The "psycho" delivers a hilarious unhinged performance, so damn good. You better upload more as they surface boyo! Or I'll eat you face an boil your balls

    for gods sake, this guys girl screams make this unwatchable.

    It seems like a set up but the guy's response seems genuine.

    Might be fake but still pretty funny

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