Dead Island Shouldn't Be The Only Game With A Severed Torso Statue

By now you've probably seen the ridiculous bikini-clad severed torso that publisher Deep Silver is packaging with the European/Australian special edition of zombie action-RPG Dead Island: Riptide.

It is gross and awful — to the point where Deep Silver just issued an apology for the statue — but hey, why let them have all the fun? We've put together some Severed Torso Special Editions for a handful of other deserving video games.

Above: the Portal turret gets the torso treatment.

Torso Mario isn't quite as useful as Raccoon Mario or even Frog Mario, but he's still an integral part of any statue collector's inventory.

There's nothing like cuddling up with a Cortana torso after a long night of shooting space aliens and getting called racial slurs on Xbox Live.

Dante from Devil May Cry apparently has no penis. Now he also has no arms or legs or head.

"Reach for the sky!" says Sheriff Woody in Disney Infinity. "Unless you have no arms!"

This lovely Princess Peach torso ain't gonna save itself.

Your turn, Kotaku Photoshoppers. What other games do you think need special torso editions?


    By the gods has this blown up waaaaaaaay out of proportion.

      Not really. For a publisher to do something like this just as gaming is put even more under the spotlight is tastless and idiotic.

        Except Dead Island is a game about zombies... while Mario and toy Story aren't.


          Even in context, it's still a tasteless and dumb move, especially after during discussions with Biden, where the industry was specifically told that it should look at improving it's own image.

          It's a bit like being told to watch your weight, then eating an entire roast pig. It makes you look dumb and gives the impression that you can't do it alone, so should have helpers to force you to do it.

            Why would Deep Silver, a German Company (I may be wrong on that, European anyway) care about the statements of the US Vice President when it comes to a limited edition for Australia and the UK?

            Unless you thought you didn't need to watch your weight or didn't need help.

            You know something is very wrong when the 'helpers' are forcing you not to eat.

            Oh wow Joe Biden told 'em they should look at improving their image? That changes EVERYTHING .

            PS, Joe Biden's boss is responsible for more dead children than any other living person I could name, so maybe his attention should be focused there.

              Really? Because I'm sure that dictators in Africa or the leaders of the Chinese government (one child policy leading to a lot of abortions of female fetuses) could have a great claim to that dubious award.

                No, the Iranians or the Chinese that don't even know how many of its citizens they execute amongst other things like the machete massacre of 700,000 innocents in rwanda/barundi are fine because America is teh worst and western civilisation is EVIL!!! We are horrible no really

                Can you actually name any of those people without looking 'em up? I sure can't.

                  So your argument basically boils down to you being too lazy to do the research before judging Obama the worst for unintentional deaths of children compared to others who have a higher bodycount and more direct responsiblity for it? Good to know.

                  No, my argument boils down to precisely what I said:

                  "responsible for more dead children than any other living person I could name"


                  "responsible for more dead children than any other living person"

        I was more thinking "did this article need to exist?".

          dont worry vapor, I understood what you meant :D

        How about the statue for Dead Space 3? The baby necromorph? Why isn't that tasteless? It's arguably worse than a female torso as it's a baby's body that's been mutated and mangled into a monstrous form.

        Art in it's finest form it designed to make one think. It can cause divisions of thought. You may not call it art but just because that's YOUR opinion does not make it so.

        Granted the statue looks overly sexualized and is probably the main cause for outrage, it seems that one of primary arguments are about its misogynistic attitude. What if it were the body of a fat woman? Or instead of a bikini, a one piece? What if it was a man's body instead? Would people seriously have the same level of outrage? I highly doubt it.

      Courtesy of moron media journalists looking for something to generate hits.

    I think making a distinction between video game memorabilia and any other form of memorabilia is idiotic and if anything creates more of a divide. I can have an armless Carl Weathers or a chest-burster but now we need to worry about image? This is just conceding to detractors.

    Regardless of the gender that the other article brought up some people like morbid things, and butchering children's game characters really puts a clear point across just like the NRA putting out a children's game for a rifle range. Now i remember why i stopped reading Kotaku. Regardless if it is still available i want the fucked statue i like it it's weird and gross.

    That and i loved mutilating zombies, oh and i don't find it offensive in the slightest in regards to gender cause ya know i'm a women.

    Do want.

    Soldier of Fortune : Shooting limbs off, guts spilling out, pools of blood = OK
    God of War : Bodies ripped in two, heads ripped off, guts pulled out = OK
    Gears of War : Exploding heads, chain sawing dudes in half = OK
    Splatter House : Limbs torn off, spines snapped, guts ripped through butt = OK
    Assassin's Creed : Head slicing, shanking, cutting, bludgeoning, slicing = OK
    AVP : Impalement, eating corpses, decapitation for trophies = OK
    Mortal Kombat : Playing with corpses like pinatas. More deaths than I can think of = OK
    Dead Island : Decapitation, limb removal, pools of blood guts and stumps = OK
    Dead Island Riptide: Bust satiring Venus De milo as bloodiy stump... OH NO GOD THINK OF THE CHILDREN BAN THIS FILTH! give them one of the other games that they can see the same and much worse in instead.

      The statue came of as tacky rather than offensive to me. There usually seems to be a balance of how much combination of sex and violence you can get away with in things begore epople get offended.

      I do like the Cortana de Milo in the article, one made out of a translucent material would be awesome.

        I think Cortana looks like Gummy De Milo from an early episode of The Simpsons.

      It was never a satire of Venus De Milo. That would actually have been clever. The statue has no head or legs and is titled 'Zombie Bait'. They chose to use a physically attractive, bikini clad woman's body, keeping only the 'sexy' bits intact.

    Congrads Jason. You have joined the ranks of Kotaku's worthless authors - the three stoogers, Luke, Patricia and Jason. What do you all have in common? You all write completely pointless articles that read as if they were written by an intellectually handicapped 14 year old.

    I find too many of your articles to be: sensationalistic, stupid, pointless, self righteous, ill-thought out, unprofessional, morally obsessed, lacking actual news or facts and lacking in any redeeming qualities what so ever.

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