Dead Space Cosplay So Real You'll Want To Hide In A Closet

Somewhere under all that Isaac Clarke armour is French cosplayer Kevin. He's joined in some of these photos by compatriot Léa Charvin, dressed as Dead Space 2's Ellie Langford.

Some are from 2011's Japan Expo in Paris, others from the latest show, which is held across the new year's break.

Kevin's suit is so good that he's done some promotional work for EA with the Dead Space series, and I don't think there's a higher compliment a games cosplayer can receive than that.

Face of Hero 2 [DeviantArt] Ellie Langford [DeviantArt]


    that is awesome, love cosplay, specially armour.
    most of the photos have heavy photoshopping done but the quality in the suit is amazing!

    Last edited 04/01/13 8:27 am

    very impressed. a lot of post-prod into it though by the look of it... love to know if they could see out of the suit.

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