Demon's Souls Coming To PSN, With Servers

Namco Bandai Partners are bringing the modern classic Demon's Souls to the PlayStation Network. Servers will be supported, so you can invade, inform and take down abominations with phantom friends without the need of physical media. That the world might be mended.

If you've been putting off Demon's Souls, now may be the time. Heed the warnings about its difficulty, but unfortunately that's all a lot of people talk about. Beyond the difficulty there's skillful, understated narrative, creepy Japanese horror, a perfect combat system, and plenty of new ideas. Perhaps it's mostly because of those new ideas that it's a good thing Demon's Souls is immortalised in the virtual halls of the cloud.

There was a bit of a scare last year when the Demon's Souls servers were going to be taken down for good. Luckily, the situation was averted less than a week before the irreversible fog completely enveloped the land of Boletaria.

Namco Bandai have confirmed that European servers will be live for the PSN release, which will be available in the ANZ region from January 23rd. Aussies will pay $29.95, whereas those in New Zealand will be set back $37.90.


    Second best game this gen.
    Dark souls being the best.

      Nah, Demon's Souls was actually much better than Dark Souls.

        I disagree, I found them about on par for different reasons. I found the world of Dark Souls better built, the lore more coherent, and the gameplay more intuitive slightly, and so have to give it to Dark Souls overall, Demon's Souls had the magic of being the first, and I suppose some would look at the less intuitive gameplay as a con. Demon's Souls might even be my favourite of the two, but I can't in good conscience say it's the better quality game.

          I disagree, it's a very good game, but I think Donkey Kong is the best game ever.

          Oh, Dark Souls was a much better in a technical sense. But I just found the open-world kind of approach didn't work as well as Demon's Souls hub-level structure. I just spent more time in Dark Souls wandering around trying to figure out where the hell I was and where I was supposed to be going, while Demon's Souls you just pick a level, jump into it and head for the other end, beat the boss and jump back to the Nexus. Obviously it wasn't quite that simple, since some of the levels were quite large and convoluted in their own right. But I at least most of the time I felt I had a clear idea about where I should be headed, even if some of the underlying systems were pretty obscure.

        I prefer the original that demon/dark souls were trying to copy, Monster Hunter. Now if a game could combine the open and darker themed world like dark souls, and yet still retain decent multiplayer/crafting/differing weapons of Monster Hunter, that game would be my favorite of all time.

        I have to agree, Demon's Souls was the better game. For the sort of games they are, having a central hub that lead to different zones was a much better approach than an open world. Not to mention Demon's having a far better story and more coherent world.

          Different strokes for different folks I guess, I suppose when you consider metroid is one my favourite series ever, my preference for the Dark Souls layout makes sense.

      Maybe for a RPG fan, other genre gamers may find it a grind fest and repetitive. I stopped played after 35hr. I enjoy the boss battles and the environment, but the game-play was repetitive as hell.

    Is it really necessary to start debating the quality of the game? Both games are amazing, period. I find its 360 oeners who trash Demon's Souls because its a PS3 exlusive. Poor kids missed out, so they whine.

    Very cool news. Demon's Souls was brilliant. Beating it is still the gaming achievement I'm most proud of (still haven't beaten Dark Souls).

    That the world might be mended.

    Ooh, a question though - will owners of retail copies of Demon's Souls be able to play on the PSN servers or will you need a copy of the PSN release to do so?

    Last edited 18/01/13 11:47 am

      More importantly, will my Demon's Souls NG+ save file be playable on the PSN version? I hope so!

    God....... DAMMIT, JUST PORT IT TO 360 ALREADY!!

    I know they won't, but i had to get that of my chest.

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