Details On Spire, The New Procedural FPS From Dustforce Creators

Hitbox Team, developers behind the highly original platformer Dustforce, have released details on their new game, Spire. A blog post on the studio's site reveals a procedurally generated tower to climb, full of puzzles and enemies, that seems as exciting as it is ambitious.

Anyone who's played Spelunky can tell you that procedurally generated games don't have to sacrifice quality to give you a new experience every time. But Spire is aiming for what seems like an unprecedented level of detail in their randomly generated world:

The resolution of the generation is very high: there are no premade rooms or scripted events. Everything from the placement of the books on a shelf to the shape of the walls and floors will be generated with intention.

The precise, yet random, placement of these objects might have something to do with their goal of making movement in the game attractive and skillful. Hitbox Team admires the talent involved in the old-school Quake trick-jumping videos, and wants to incorporate something similar as you climb their lethal tower.

In addition, the game will supposedly be able to manage the intensity of rooms you come across, "to better control the emotional arc of the experience." After a period of intense fighting, you'll probably be presented with a few quieter rooms.

It's certainly a lot to live up to, but if the quality of Dustforce is anything to go on, they can deliver. You can read the full blog post here, and you can check out Dustforce below:

Dustforce devs new screenshots, details for FPS Spire [Indie Games Blog]


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