DmC Devil May Cry Winners!

More winners for you...this time in honour of DmC Devil May Cry. We teamed up with Capcom to offer up 10 copies of the game plus a swanky DmC tee. In total, 5x 360 and 5x PS3 copies were up for grabs. So, here your real life combos that made us lulz the most...

DmC Devil May Cry retains that stylish and fluid combat we know-and-love, and this retelling of Dante’s origin story is just as brutal and over-the-top. There are all-new weapons, enemies, storyline and combos. Your task was to tell us your best real life combos...



@danmazkin: My morning ritual is to shower, eat breakfast, have my coffee, read the paper, brush my teeth, wash the dishes and then head to work. So I grab my coffee, prop the newspaper against the showerscreen, put a dollop of toothpaste on the back of my hand holding the mug, pour my cereal into my cup of coffee and drink/eat it in the shower as I read the paper through the glass. When the mug is empty, I lick the toothpaste off my hand and use it as mouthwash with water from the shower, then rinse my cup in the shower before getting out. S Rank Combo. (xbox pls)

@Chuloopa: I start the morning sleeping while awake – a catlike state of readiness that incomparably relaxing. My alarm goes off. Quickly, one hands reaches for the alarm while the other pushes me clear off the bed. I go to my chest of draws and select an outfit, all the while scratching myself and yawning loudly. My fiance tells me to keep it down, i tell her to go back to sleep in a way that’s simultaneously loving and brutal. I get in the shower and clean myself, all the while relieving my bladder which also cures the morning glory that has ailed me since my awakening. I step out of the shower and reach for the towel, drying myself off while whistling. I go with my clothes into the kitchen and start to prepare breakfast as i clothe my bare Adonis form. I drink my coffee while eating my toast. It’s delicious. And disgusting. I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth while i look at my self in the mirror, checking for imperfections. I find plenty, but ignore them anyway less i shatter the false sense of superiority that hangs around me. I walk to the door, grabbing my keys as i walk. As i get to my car, i press the buzzer to unlock the door as i’m reaching for it, open the door and swing myself in as i bring the door back into its nestle. One seamless movement. I drive for 45 minutes, headbanging to music and headchecking to lane changes. I get to work and open up, turning on my computer as i turn off the alarm before unlocking the rest of the doors. I look at lolcatcats for 8 hours. I leave work, get home. Kiss my fiance while i ask her whats for dinner. She tells me it’s my turn to cook. I smile politely while i curse her name in the back of my mind – bloody crumbed chicken. I am a swirling maelstrom of productivity. Burners are turned on as cutlery and crockery are brought to bare, vegatables are chopped and chook is cooked. I serve dinner and we eat while watching tv – it’s the block. I silently curse channel nines name while i chuckle at their impudence. It’s getting late, we go to bed and have magical special cuddle time… while i read a book… while surfing the net… while thinking of how pretty that Mark Serrels looks in a skirt. I don’t even care if he calls it a kilt. It’s a skirt. It’s as intimate a moment as it is a detatched one. I eventually go to sleep while scratching myself to begin again tomorrow. Either console is fine :)

@Puppylicks: You want a mad combo? In the last minute or so I have been making my brain send a series of electric signals to my right and left forearms to lift my hands towards the keyboard, while sending signals to my ten fingers that individually bend and flex to punch various keys on a keyboard in an extremely specific order. At the same time my eyes are scanning the page, relaying visual information to my brain as it double-checks the arrangement of the various characters on the screen, also my lungs are keeping a constant rhythm of inhaling and exhaling air and my heart is pumping blood at a constant rate as it has done so for almost thirty years non-stop. And while all of these simultaneous tasks are happening I still have enough multitasking brain power to sit here and think about cats. (xbox360 plz)

@finalattack: I speed roll out of bed while stripping down to nothing. I finish my roll at the cupboard and snatch out my business clothes and shoes. Dash to ironing board dropping my shoes near the door. Iron is turned on and all clothes let ready for it to heat. I wall jump into the kitchen and drop toast in the toaster. Evade neighbours stares through my window into the bathroom. Flick on the hot water to the shower, quick attack to grab my toothbrush, shaver and apply toothpaste. Adjust shower temperature to both extremes to increase my resistance stats. Shower, brush, shave, and shower though I had three hands. Dry off with a towel/super sprint combo to the iron. Iron, dress eat. 10 minutes flat. I can tell people know of my efficiency as they stare at me entering the bus. When just before entering reception at work i complete the combo by zipping up (if I remember unprompted) Xbox please

@100lar: When I woke up, I daintily elude my girlfriend to not wake her up, kneel down and pray for my angelic part - here comes D for Deadly! Now the boss fight with the dog sleeping in front of the toilet, in the same time talking to my self about everything around in japanese to evoke all my senses and typing to schoolmate . The dog hasn't even a chance, what gives me C for Carnage! The Bathroom Arena - taking shower, brushing teeth and shaving in the same time? Too easy and not enough to take Brutal! Almost mistaken toothbrush with razor - so close, it could be a combo breaker. All of the sudden I hear that a wild roomate appears and trays to get in! With devilish speed I turned the lock - it was super effective! and gave me Brutal! To not loose perfect chained combo between dressing up and going to the kitchen I take advantage of backtracking i take another fight with the dog. He try to lick my fresh body! I dodged, next one, I do the same, then suddenly throw yesterday pants on dog's face - it couldn't resist that! Not this time, buddy, not this time... The A rank is slowly charging up. Making tea, frying eggs and rewieving material for exam i really helpful. Eating roomate sandwich whlie he's taking shower not only rises my rank but aslo gaves power for my devilish part. Got a gum, take jacket and go out right in the moment when mate is opening toiletes door, I can hear him yelling about the sandwich - that definitelly deserves an A for Atomic! Clipping ticket and taking seat in the same time, skillfully avoiding the eye contact with old ladies - near miss! The University of Despair. Scanning homework, while talking about tonights party and typing to roomate "U mad bro?" His replay always deserves D for "DIRTY" and is filled with anger - good, totalyy worth it. Avoiding two proffesors who haven't seen me on lecture for some time, I enter the hall to take exam. Repeating everything every morning turnet out as a really good idea - the test was a piece of cake. TU TU RU TU - S has appeared, message for girlfriend that she's going shoping for some hot underwear for this evenig and make me a private show after party - SS! and the P.S. "Jake (my roomate) is going to his brother for night - Smoking Sick Style! And the day isn't over yet.... XBOX please

@Roh: I usually awaken to the soothing sounds of Slayer's acclaimed album Reign In Blood, casually triple flip out bed and into my jeans and metal band tshirt in one fluid motion, whilst capping off some bread bullets from my two breakfast guns 'Bacon' and 'Eggs' directly into the toaster to be roasted in the fires of hell and smeared with the remains of massacred sunflowers. Bathing in the putrid waters of the hell spring eternal I then move onto eviscerating the cursed forces of plaque and tartar with the holy grace of my angelic toothbrush 'St Bristle Colgate' and then, using the power of evil emanating from the demon blade 'The Death Slicer' I flay cheese from the block into slivers of evil gold for my unearthly sandwich while disemboweling tomatoes, ripping lettuce limb from limb and checking my emails from the night before. Finally I throw my bag into the air and slow down time, so that I may juggle my nefarious supplies into its gaping maw for transport to the hideous nether realm known only as 'Work', whilst securing my demon blood splattered boots to my feet and donning my trade mark denim jacket and smoothly exiting my bar/loft/boring house to ride my gleaming train chariot into the depths of another wretched weekday. PS3 please ;)

@setsuna: Finally, a chance to showcase my infinite combo! Bear in mind that most people are capable of this but it requires the right timing (best to start this on Friday mornings) and patience (there is a one week delay between when you can link the first and last hit of the combo) to create a successful infinite cycle. Curious? Read on! Friday Morning "Maybe I'll just have a quiet night tonight..." -> *Finish work* -> "Maybe I'll just go for one drink..." -> ASAHI -> ASAHI -> Crown Lager-> ASAHI -> Jack Daniels &Coke x 4-> Tequila Shots x 2 -> B52 x 3 -> "OMG I'm so drunk, I am never drinking this much ever again!" Infinite Chain link (7 days later) "Maybe I'll just have a quiet night tonight..." There you have it. It takes practice, but once mastered you can repeat this every week without fail, and save yourself the bother of ever planning what you are going to do on a Friday night. You can also start to mix in your own flavour and add or substitute alcohol links once you have this basic formula down pat. =3 Helpful tips for those who want to master this: - If you're having trouble at the start, break the combo down to smaller chunks to make it easier to complete. For example, you might want to practice just ASAHI -> ASAHI -> Crown Lager -> ASAHI but chain straight into "OMG I'm so drunk, I am never drinking ever again!" if your tolerance is low. - If you try and loop the infinite too early, you may have the adverse affect of ending the combo at "Maybe I'll just have a quiet night tonight...". This means you will miss out on the opportunity to inflict maximum liver damage, so make sure you space your timing accordingly - Occasionally there will be a residual link between the last hit of the combo. Vomit -> Hangover is a common one, but real masters often can chain the infinite without inciting either of those outcomes. If you do happen to get a residual link, fear not, there is still a good chance of pulling off the infinite if you give it ample 7 day spacing. - Finally for EXTREME difficulty, replace all beer and spirit links with shots only. Good luck to all who attempt to replicate this! PS3 version please!

@Sasquatchmd: Go to bed with whatever clothes you're wearing the next day. This is most effective if you work at a pyjama factory Eat toothpaste for breakfast. Then you've had breakfast and cleaned your teeth If it's raining, don't take a shower and just walk in the rain on the way to work Call local radio stations with fake traffic tips to discourage other people from using the same route as you Lastly, if you are ever running late just wind back your watch PS3

@kieron: I've perfected my combo craft to the point where I can play Contra while playing Contra. I call this Contraception. For more than one reason.

@alphaclank: Well, there's a little trick I have for putting on a shirt. First I OTG it by picking it up with a low sweep, then I go for the grab reset while it's in the air. From there, I go for the crossup by sliding underneath it, then turn the hit confirm into a 2-hit combo for both sleeves using LP, LP AND THEN I FINISH IT OFF WITH A SHINKUU HEAD-OOOUUUUUUKKEEEEEEENNN HYPER COMBO K.O. PLAYER 1 WINS. ...what were we talking about again? Oh yeah. PS3.


    Congrats... but there must be a mistake because I didn't win :P

    Now I may cry!


    Congrats to the winners! :D

    Thanks very much guys! Much appreciated, and well done to everyone else that won!

    JACKPOT, thanks guys!

    Congrats to all the other winners

    That's STYLISH!
    Thank You very much!
    Congrats to all winners!

    Oh god, I lost it at all the other entries. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who took the fighting game approach. Also, I'm calling Ebony and Ivory 'Bacon and Eggs' from now on.

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