Does It Annoy You When People Get Gaming References Wrong?

Sydney-siders (and probably elsewhere) will be seeing this lovely image on the sides of buses as renovation TV show The Block gears up to bring back some of their popular characters to face off. You'd be forgiven for thinking there's another live-action Mario movie in the works. Not the Ron Jeremy variety, thank goodness.

I'll go easy on these guys, because after watching Mark and Duncan's video over on their homepage, it seems like the whole jumpsuit thing is not an intentional Mario reference. Just a couple guys who love their jumpsuits and happened to wear a green and red shirt on photo day. It even seems like they're a lot closer in girth than the picture would suggest.

Perhaps it's a childhood hero thing, or an overexposure to gaming thing (is there such a thing?), but when you line up two guys with black hair and moustaches, I will forever think the shorter, stockier one needs to be in the red shirt. Luigi is not the front-man. It just... Grr.

It got me thinking: We all have to struggle in that situation when someone misquotes a classic gaming line, or thinks the hero of Hyrule is, in fact, named "Zelda". We try to be the bigger people, and not that know-it-all party guest that corrects everyone. But is there any particular reference or quote that you can't have tainted in your presence?

Me? Every time I see that on the side of a bus, I will involuntarily cringe.


    Huh, I thought it was deliberate, but badly handled :P

    My pet peeve are people who pretend that Star Wars has a prequel trilogy.


        Exactly. And they're called "Star Wars" "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Caravan of Courage: an Ewok Adventure".

          BAH... these all PALE in comparison to the might of THE MARAUDERS OF ENDOR!!!!

            Holiday Special ;) Watch it, it'll ruin Star Wars more than the prequels and Disney's anticipated resurrection.

            I'm not sure whats better, the Wookiee family dinner or Leia's singing.

              LIFE DAY! CHEWIES SON! lol! I watched it youtube a few years back... still trying to scrub the memories of it from my mind, will watch something less disturbing like 2 girls 1 cup... lol

        Yep, Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

          Yeah, Natalie port man was the best wookie ever... wait a sec :j

          upvoted coz that took balls :p

        And only 3 Indiana Jones movies too!

          This one.
          Definitely this one.
          I don't mind the Star Wars prequel trilogy.
          But Crystal Skull was one hundred steps too far.

    The one with the tomato sauce bottle is pulling the most "rapey" face I have ever seen!

      Oh god he is too... what has been seen cannot be unseen...

    there's more wrong with that picture than unintended Mario-ness. What is up with Greenshirt's arm?!

      I think that arm actually belongs to someone else, and greenshirt is presumably strangling him because he was being stingy with the tomato sauce.

    My brother put Zelda in as his character name when he first booted up OOT.

    The scene where Link first meets Zelda was gold.

    “I am Zelda, princess of Hyrule.”
    “And whats your name?”
    “Zelda…. That sound somehow, familiar.”

      You think tht's weird, in Suikoden 2 you can transfer your data across from Suikoden 1 to unlock the main character from the first game. When you first meet him and introduce yourself, the characters will actually acknowledge if you gave both characters the same first name.

      That's probably a habit from the olden days of NES Zelda, where entering your name as ZELDA got you a different quest!

        I like to think that it's like Nintendo knew people would always call Link "Zelda", so Second Quest was sort of a way to punish them for their foolishness.

    My main peeve with this whole thing is that it seemed to be more 'the people willing to come back' not "All Stars" like 1 of the couples were the 1st to be voted off the show haha, not very Starish if you ask me :/ All stars should of been a line up of each seasons winners or runners up.

      Well the Block doesn't work like other reality shows by voting people off, but the rest of your arguement is sound...that is, these guys didn't win so it's not really correctly titled.

      The whole premise behind this is that they take some of the guys that didn't win and give them another chance to do so. I guess the guys that won in previous seasons wouldn't be stupid enough (or have much of a reason) to do it again.

    People who call every gaming system a Wii. Eg. Grandma: You kids go play your Wii now ...and it's actually a PS3 or something.

      common its your grandma your lucky she isnt telling you to go play space invaders or start rambling about how back in her day there wasnt tv and you had to play out side

        I just meant older people in general. It's the type of line I heard often when the Wii was in its prime.

          It was the opposite for me at my old workplace. The old bags I used to work with in my Library just couldn't get it through their thick, 60yr old skulls that we had a Wii, not an Xbox. I tried to convince the busy body, grumpy old battleaxe who thought she knew everything, that it was a Wii by showing her Xbox isn't spelled n.i.n.t.e.n.d.o, but she wouldn't listen. I was stoked to see that a week before I left, she'd acquired about $1500 Xbox 360 titles for it! Would love to have seen the fallout from that! I'm sure I would have been blamed for it in the time since. You know, a male in his 20s will easily make that kind of mistake. We know dick about games...

      My Granny would call Sega Cartridges, 'Sega-Tapes.'
      "All you and your brother ever do is play those damn Sega-Tapes!" :P

    zombies, you know you see them and want to just smash there little skulls in, and then you remember oh wait you are just a co-worker hmm nvm back to work

      I'm so glad I don't share an office with you.

    I will forever think the shorter, stockier one needs to be in the red shirt. Luigi is not the front-man. It just… Grr.

    LOL, is that seriously your problem with it? I guess we all have our strange pet peeves.

    That Maccas at...Merv is a bit of a Trekkie, stayed playing games all night, now he's come in for Brekkie.....shits me to tears, whats him being a Trekkie got to do with being up all night playing games, and if he was up all night wouldn't he be sleeping until midday and the breakfast menu would be over.

      i agree with this. Not everyone who likes star trek plays games. Not to mention is re-enforcing a whole bunch of stereotypes that don't exist.

      fun fact, when i worked there, all the people who came in for breakfast was either heading to work or the had finished partying all night =/

    One of the ranks of airheads on Spawn Point on her story about Alex Kidd constantly referring to it as Alex the Kid. Every time she said it, it was like needles in my brain.

      Yeah that always have me the shits, people would do it all the time, and still do "I used to love playing Alex the Kid" Did you? Did you really? Because I never heard of this Alex the Kid....idiots.

      Another thing that annoys me is over at the writers ALWAYS refer to someone being immortal as "being a highlander"....omg they are not all Highlanders, Highlander refers to Connor and Duncan McLeod (and any relations to them).

        Someone paid me 5 bucks to go up to a person in an gaming cafe playing Alex Kidd and say " How's Alex The Kidd" He flipped out XD

    My ex gf ALWAYS used to get "All your base are belong to us" wrong in a different way every time she used it. It used to drive me insane, because she was one of those "I'm a gamer girl, I love playing videogames! (but what I mean is, I bought a PS2 and played it once and it's been gatheirng dust under the TV for 8 years now.)". Damn gingers!

    ... So Zelda isn't a guy?

    Less of a pet peeve about people botching a reference/quote but...
    Parents back in the SNES and N64/PS era and the "when you get to the next level, turn it off/come for dinner etc"
    I played a lot of final fantasy, chrono trigger, mystic quest, OoT etc and the one thing they had in common? unclear definitions of levels that my parents didn't seem to grasp, then proceeded to blame me when I didn't come down for dinner :P. Don't blame me, I didn't design the game, and my apologies that it doesn't fit into your arbitrary set of restrictions that you feel gaming should have >.

    I used to hate in the time of Sega Master System and Sega Mega Drive, alot of people used to just call their console 'a Sega.
    "What console do you have?"
    "Which one?"

    Yeh, I saw this ad on the way to work this morning. Raised an eyebrow initially but then I realised maybe they didn't intend to make a video game reference, or at least that's what I was hoping.

    You know what pissed me off no end working in a game store at the time? People spouting "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee"....


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