Don't Worry, The Giant Purple Sex Toy From Saints Row Is Safe

If there's one defining item of the Saints Row series, it's the fact you can use an enormous dildo as a weapon. THQ has had a replica prop made up for a while now, but with the publisher closing down, there was a very real risk that it would end up in a bin or, worse, at an auction.

Luckily, former THQ president Jason Rubin thought fast and acted faster, getting in and grabbing it. "Not leaving @thq without my personal effects," he wrote on Twitter, before sharing proof of his seizure.

Cloud, meet silver lining, etc.

Jason Rubin [Twitter]


    Wonder if he'll return to Naughty Dog?

    I don't think any company will claim ownership anyway :P Would of loved to see video of him nabbing it - a dark suit & glasses would be even funnier.

    "I need this. For my donkey" :P

    I hope he caught a bus or train home or something.

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