Dramatic Look At The Assembly Of Nvidia's New Gaming Handheld

So far, the biggest gaming surprise of CES 2012 is the totally unheralded reveal of Project Shield, the new handheld from Nvidia. Some of the functionality was run down in last night's reports but if you want to know what's inside the thing, then you might get some clues from this very-impressed-with-itself reveal video.

Look for more news on Project Shield later today.


    3 separate batteries...? Really..?

      I would assume they're rechargeable.

      It's not like your going to pull each one out and put it in a charger, you plug the thing into a USB (I'm guessing) and it recharges, sticking in 3 small batteries beats having a giant one in there and ruining the ergonomics.

      Also it's the Capacity and Volts not the number of batteries.

    Yet another controller using ABXY in a different order. Fortunately it's in a console that will fail miserably so it won't matter!

      It uses the same order as a 360 controller, what's the problem here?

    This thing is getting way overhyped -_- Im going to hate to see the price, especially for anyone using a ATi video card or anything below a 600 series 650..

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