Dreaming Of A Wii U That Can Also Play 3DS Games

Dreaming Of A Wii U That Can Also Play 3DS Games

Nintendo actually used to make stuff like this. I had an add-on for my GameCube, for example, that let me play Game Boy Advance titles through the console on my TV. They were good times, but sadly, times that have been short since the release of the Wii, which failed to receive a similar add-on for DS games.

Enter the fantasy world of Dave Delisle, then, who has designed the DSU, a product idea that lets you plug a 3DS game into a small box (connected to a Wii U console) that would beam the top screen of a 3DS game to your TV and the bottom screen to the gamepad.

It might not be entirely practical for games that, say, scroll a single area over the two screens, but for those which show two entirely different screens (say, game on top and menu/map on bottom), it could work! I mean, you’d lose 3D capability, but for most games it’s not like that matters.

Wii U Peripheral For Playing DS and 3DS Games [Geek Ideas, via ALBOTAS]


  • Yeah but those add-ons came in the later stages of the consoles life. The Super GB and GBA Player were both terrific add-ons though.

    I doubt they would put it out and cannibalize there own handhelds sales at this time – but I like the idea and hope they consider it.

  • Perhaps it was the Dual screen nature of the DS that prevented it. Oh and the lack of a way to intergrate a touch screen into your TV. The Wii-mote would have been a poor substitute at best.

    • Because Nintendo that’s why. They only just realised how important their audience deems high definition resolutions.

        • I’m not trying to shit talk Nintendo too much, I love them. But they do seem to take their sweet time coming to the party, is all I’m saying.

        • 3D is a stupid flipping gimmick and everyone knows it.
          It doesn’t add anything of worth to anything, movies or games. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the games that Nintendo brings out, and in a few years or so I may get a 3DS. And while the Gamecube may have been planned with 3D TV in mind, and Luigi’s Mansion programed for it, it’s a very niche group who actually find that a selling point.
          Of the handful of people I know who have 3D TVs, they arn’t impressed either, not due to lack of 3D content, but because it doesn’t provide any tangible improvements.

          Perhaps I’m a little bitter though, artificial 3D always seems a little off to me. I keep swearing that I’m going to stop going to see movies in 3D, yet inevitably someone drags me back to see one every year or so. And after every film I swear “I will never pay to see a 3D movie again!”

          • You seem extremely bitter, especially because what you wrote had nothing to do with what I said.

      • Why would they do 3D? How many TV’s out there are actually 3D? How many games are out there on other consoles that can already do 3D?

        3D isn’t a selling point for a console, no one is going to rush out and buy one because it can do it. Worse yet is the entertainment industry has been monitoring all the 3D activity in the home theatre/entertainment space and it has proven to be an absolute waste of time at this point.

        Im sure when it turns around, Nintendo can patch it in. Its not like Sony didn’t do that?

        • sounds like the HD argument when the Wii came out all over again.

          firstly lets remember this attachment doesnt actually exist. i was merely suggesting it should be able to support 3D, and not 2d only like the article said, seeing as the games are designed for it, doesnt sound like much of a ask.

          also. i quite enjoy using 3d on my tv. one of the first things i do when i get a new game is look on the back to see if it supports 3d

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