EA Claims Third R18+ Title

Word has come in from EA that Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, the latest in a third-person shooter series based on cooperative play, is the third game to receive the new R18+ classification, for "high impact violence".

The Classification Board has handed out two R18+ ratings in as many days, both for violence. But while Spartacus Legends is likely to be overly gory, and celebrate violent in the manner of an ancient arena, Army of Two games are more known for treating their violence in a casual manner.

Perhaps if the two mercenaries didn't brofist after every kill, as if it triggered regenerating health? Still, as we noted earlier, the Classification Board might want to leave itself somewhere to go when games with truly disturbing images and themes come along. But I suppose we won't know for sure until we play the game - and we can all be grateful we'll still be able to play it.

The Devil's Cartel will be available in Australia from March 28th for PS3 and 360.


    And it looks like Telltale Games won't be getting the 4th:


    The Walking Dead has been classified MA15+.

      We're getting The Walking Dead here?! HUZZAH! @junglist, this is news, man! :D

      Checking out that link ... no language? Pretty sure there's more than a few F-bombs in that game! Also, mild impact sex? I think I might have made some wrong choices in my playthrough, because I totally missed that :P

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        There's some references to rape in episode 2 as well as the "arrangement" the girl in episode 4 had to get medicine for her sister.

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          Pointy bracket (comma button) "S" then pointy bracket (full stop)
          Edit: yeah, I guess you're right. Pretty darn mild though :)

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            Yeah, I'm guessing it's more the first example than the second, I think the context is pretty disturbing even though there's no graphic sexual content at all.

        *looks at his itunes and steam copies he bought*

        Yeh... finally? Erm... right.

        Cool I've been waiting for XBLA to get it before trying it out

      So I guess they really were holding off for R18+ before they submitted it (being a small company, I can't blame them for that); but If I were them, I would still be a bit red faced now since it didn't make it into R18+ anyway...... Good to see we are getting it though.

        Yeah it was always classification related

          They may have said that back then, yes; but you can't really be blamed for not believing a company when they use the OFLC as an excuse to not even bother getting a game rated. lol

            Well, possibly, but they've always had a decent fanbase in this country. There's really no other reason for them to deny themselves access to a ready gaming market. I can't think of one at any rate.

        I reckon there were two reasons for holding off:

        1. While they may have thought the game deserved an MA15+ classification, if they had gone through the process earlier the alternative if they were wrong would have been refused classification. By doing it this year, the alternative was R18+.

        2. By waiting until the series was complete, they only paid for classification once. When they released Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse as it became available episode by episode, they paid for classification five times. Given that Australia has fairly high classification fees, that could make a big difference about how quickly the game would become profitable in this region.

          True. I hadn't even thought about the prohibitive costs of an episodic release.

            I'm amazed they bothered with a boxed release at all, let alone here. These sorts of games usually thrive in digital distribution.

            But hey Super Meat Boy had an awesome boxed release, maybe the TWD will have some awesome swag with the game.

    Everyone needs to remember that when the R rating was implemented, the MA rating was made more restrictive. It doesn't nesessarily mean games with the slighest bit of gore will be R rated and anything more will be banned.

    As I have noted in a previous post, R rated films are extremely diverse. It can contain anything from tounge in cheek "over the top" violence, right up to seriously disturbing content like that seen in films such as Irreversible. If artistically justified it can even contain actual sex, as seen in 9songs, Anatomy of hell, the brown bunny etx.

    The idea of the CB not leaving room for more extreme content is flawed and irrelevant. My point is that the R rating isn't and never has been, purely for extreme content. It's a very broad rating - so don't be paranoid that more extreme content is going to be banned.

      I think the issue is that realistically, most of the MA15+ content would probably be rated R18+ if it were in a film, so we need to consider ourselves fortunate we haven't had more games banned in the past.

      I agree with the R18+ decisions so far, but these would be the bottom of the threshold (and would probably have been rated MA15+ a month ago). More "extreme" games are yet to be rated, but I think we can be fairly confident we'll stop seeing otherwise acceptable games get altered such as in the case of Left 4 Dead 2, Witcher 2, and so on, which is the main reason we needed R18+ to happen.

        Considering that games like Call of Duty, Fallout 3, AvP, Far Cry 3 etc all rated mature 17+ or R18+ in every other country, we were the outlier that was letting them get stamped as MA 15

    Wait, now we ARE getting the Walking Dead?

    This is the real story.

    this is starting to get very annoying i don't think razors edge or this should be r

    no gameplay footage = FAIL!

    Its playing out exactly like I said.
    Games which would normally be MA15+ are (suitably) being rated R18+.
    So games which would normally be RC here will more than likely still be RC (or censored) due to offensive content. . . like drug use, sex, over the top gore. . . you know, the sort of things that are straight out banned in Australian media, regardless of rating.

    wooh!!! two days after my 18th!!!!

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