EA Says There’s Nothing Wrong With Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

EA Says There’s Nothing Wrong With Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Over the holiday break, a lot of Aussies tried — and failed — to get some Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer going on PC, as we reported last week. EA reckons all your woes must have been ISP-side, and should be over now.

EA Australia has given me an official response to queries regarding Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, as below:

“We’ve looked into it and we did not report any outages on our side, nor are we seeing any issues right now.”

I’ve only just started to scratch the surface of Mass Effect 3, but not on the PC side of things. So, PC Mass Effect 3 players, is all good on the PC side of things now?

For those not on the PC side of this issue — and heck, the PC players too, because everyone’s welcome — I should also point you in the direction of our Mass Effect competition. Enter now!


  • It was flaky for a day or two. I just put it down to the usual sub-par performance of EA/Origin online titles…

  • The only issue I’ve had with it since release was when it paired me up with players from overseas and I ended up in a laggy game. Well…that and trying to unlock items can sometimes just crap out.

  • I do not understand why you would still be playing the multiplayer. Every time I consider it I can’t get over how terrible the unlock system and just stop thinking instantly.

    • Because it’s really fun (especially when linking up with 3 friends) playing it? The unlock system is annoying, no doubt about that, but the gameplay is pretty good ImO (and I guess a lot of people agree since they’re still playing the multi too :P)

  • Only just started to scratch the surface? I don’t recall there being much to scratch at all. Shouldn’t take you too long and you don’t even need to waste time on MP now to get the “best” ending.

  • Couldn’t play it for over two weeks, so I’ve stopped playing it. I’m not sure what the problem was. I didn’t have any other issues with any other games…. except Battlefield, which makes me believe that it was due to trouble with Origin and Australian ISPs.

    Well whatever. I got enough value out of the ME3 multiplayer. I doubt I’ll start playing it again.

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