EA Sports’ Dream Appliance Has Arrived: The Internet-Enabled Fridge

EA Sports’ Dream Appliance Has Arrived: The Internet-Enabled Fridge

Seven months ago at E3, I sat down with EA Sports’ boss, Andrew Wilson, for an annual chat that always features a lot of big-picture spitballing because of where and when it takes place. I forget what question brought this up, but I’m now looking at my notebook from that day and I see the words “Internet-enabled fridge” written and underlined twice.

Revisiting the voice transcript, Wilson was making a point about the number of platforms for which EA Sports is building games. “Two to three years from now,” he said, “we might be building for 30 platforms, or your Internet-enabled fridge.”

(To be fair, he added, “or a hologram that comes up through your living room floor.”)

Why wait three years? Andrew Wilson’s Internet-enabled fridge has arrived today. This exact device was shown off this week at Consumer Electronics Show, and it sounds absolutely ridiculous. Frankly, it is ridiculous, as many things ahead of their time seem. Samsung’s Android-based T9000 (yes, that’s really its model name) features the same kind of screen and functionality that the futurist Wilson himself described to me — and to others, including ESPN — back in Los Angeles.

“When you’re standing in your kitchen, are you going to play 11-on-11 soccer on your fridge? No,” he offered. “But if an option for FIFA Ultimate Team popped up there while you’re grabbing the milk, you could press accept.”

I have “*laugh” marked in my notes here.

Well, we can stop laughing. And EA Sports can start developing.

Samsung smart fridge: It runs Android apps like Evernote [VentureBeat]


  • I can see this as being something as a part of SmartGlass – hence it could show some statistics, or help you form a team ready for FIFA or Madden, but it won’t be for high end applications and I can’t see it’s use being popular, at least for now. I’m more interested in a Fridge that has an RFID scanner that could scan items for me that i need, and could print a shopping list for me, or show me recipes based on whats in my fridge.

  • I want a bar code reader in my fridge that way I know what’s in there and what’s been taken out as well as what I need. I could use the scanner for dry goods and then check my smart phone while shopping to see what I need.

    As for ads on my Fridge, is it lowering the cost because most people hate the adds on the 360 dashboard let alone want them on their fridges.

    In the new Total Recall they had a touch screen fridge which worked like a notepad, now that would be useful. The ability to use my fridge like a digital photo frame would be kinda cool too.

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